Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bibi Does Not Like His Cartoon

The Israeli Embassy objected on a cartoon portraying Bibi as an evil elf as I see it  , this cartoon was published in Al Ahram weekly. The artist /cartoonist behind it is the famous Fathi Abu Ezz whose political cartoons are very famous among the Egyptian blogsphere.

Here is the Bibi’s evil elf cartoon.


I do not know why they are so angry , in the end Bibi is not holy man , he is just a politician who is oftently criticized in his own country !!?? Also this is not the first time he is mocked in the Egyptian press , I believe the Israeli Embassy knows very well how the Egyptian press sorry the Egyptian people like Bibi so much !!?? I do not see that Abu Ezz crossed any line in his cartoon.

Via : Nawara Nagm’s front


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh, he is a holy man, he is from the chosen people you gentile! :)

  2. I saw this on other bogs but that does not look like a cartoon but more like a photoshop photo. So, where is the actual cartoon?
    They objected because of the big long nose and ears, stereotypical of Jewish jokes etc and I dnt like mockery of any kind but they also mock most of our presidents and figures in some of their shows etc so,until they practice what they preach first


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