Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Day Our Presidential Website Was Hacked !!

From couple of days ago I found a news in twitter that our Egyptian presidency official website, the official websites of our defense and information ministry have been hacked , yes they have been hacked. According to the news they have been hacked by an Algerian hacker because of football as I read in the Egyptian tweets !!
According to what I heard it seems that a group of Egyptian hackers have hacked an Algerian newspaper website despite it looks fine. “To be honest I have not heard or read anything related to this except yesterday only”
The Algerian hacker is called Kader and he posted videos on Youtube in the last couple of days to show that he did it and beat those pharaohs

Through Youtube I contacted Kader and asked him several questions and he answered them ‘to be honest I did not expect an answer’
Kader told me that he respects Egyptians and the Egyptian hackers who know him knew this fact very well, he only did that to teach the Egyptian hackers especially one in particular who hacked Algerian websites a tough lesson and that’s why he hacked the strongest servers in Egypt “The Presidency and the arm forces”. Kader says that he loves the Arabs and Egyptians and that he has a cause judging by his work or rather his targets. Kader for those who do not know hacked Israeli websites before like Kadima official website and the Likud website. So it is not football , thank God it is not football !!
Honestly I wish that he did not hack our presidency and our arm forces websites because  these websites actually represent our country, it is an insult to us to hack such websites.I wish that he hacked and blew up the following websites “NDP, Rosa Al Youssef Daily and Abdullah Kamal official website” , Kader will be a hero if he does it !!
The Websites are fine now if you check them , of course I can design better websites for the arm forces or for the presidency which has been in maintenance for several months now “I have been following it lately because I wanted information about the presidential palaces”. As concerned Egyptian I wonder where the role of the interior ministry in protecting such important websites like these is, yes it is the IT departments role in these institution but in the end of the day we got an electronic crime department in the interior ministry !!
Let’s remember something today it is Kader who respects Egypt , tomorrow it could be Mr.X who hates Egypt and Egyptians.
Now I want to say something , concerning this Egyptian-Algerian football rivalry which I began to see online and in the media , I think both of us should grow up , we will not win the world cup and the world cup does not deserve all that


  1. A stupid retarded, he simply made local redirection for this external URL,
    This can be easily done, no hacking involved.
    the proof: simply, no single trusted newspaper published this news.

  2. I think the government should learn from that
    and stop using microsoft solutions for every thing

    and the staff working on this sites should be fired for cause they did not escape every string before passing it to the server

  3. I just look at the sites
    is just plain html how could any one make a plain html hackable
    this means this hacker did hacked the server not just the script
    how he did it?
    I think the sysadmin made the password something very hard like "123456" or his birth date maybe

    I thnik the government should start considering moving away from this Microsoft products and hire sysadmin and web developer that understand what they are doing
    and yes I agree with the writer that those designs sucks
    not just the look of it
    but they are using frames!
    some one should wake them up and tell them that it's 2009 now and no one use frames for designing their sites

  4. @Undisclosed, I do not understand in hacking stuff so I do not know how he had done it

    @Ahmed Abo Baker, unfortunately I believe they are thinking in a very orthodox way when it comes to IT , they search for the most popular and cheapest solutions to please their superiors

  5. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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