Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Do Not Blame The Jews, Blame Yourself

Farouk Hosni is back and he is whining like a lady on the conspiracies made by the Jews of the world against him as Egyptian, Arab,Muslim !!

photo_1253723663361-1-0  It was clear by the end of the competition that there was a conspiracy against me

There are a group of the world's Jews who had a major influence in the elections who were a serious threat to Egypt taking this position !!

Strangely from two weeks ago he was trying to show the world that he is the best friend the Jews have ever got , it is ironic , is not it !!??

Now Farouk Hosni is turned in to a national hero who lost because of the west and the Jewish lobby , I could not believe myself to find a number of the so-called nationalist writers and intellectuals standing behind him against this plot even the Muslim brotherhood !!?? I understand their position from Zionism but I can’t understand their position from Hosni who has been always accused to be pro-Israeli and Pro-western not to mention his long history in the Mubarak regime not to mention for years they used to hate and despise !!

Were not they angry and furious over the comprises Mubarak had to present for both America and Israel to win their support to Farouk Hosni !!?? 

Why can’t you remember this if you are so jealous and angry for that American- Jewish role in making Hosni lose after all that ??

Why were not you angry when Ismail Serg El-Din lost ??

Why are not you angry from the money Farouk Hosni has spent in this useless campaign ?? This money is not from his pocket money but from our public money !!??

Rosa Al Youssef daily is reporting that there is a prejudice and bias against Muslims from the UNESCO despite the  fact Farouk Hosni can’t be considered the true ambassador of Muslims or their civilization or their arts !! Was not he the one who supported El-Qemenay  from less than two months !!??

Again I am insisting on my opinion , he did not and does not deserve this position because it will be like a reward for his crimes against the long culture and history of this country for 22 years.

I believe it is from the wisdom of God to make him lose because of America and Israel which he and the regime kept kissing their asses to win their support on the expense of Egypt and the Arab world.

Let him cry , let him whine like a lady ; already I am waiting for him to act like a man and resign as he promised !!

I dedicate his defeat to the soul of those people who were burned alive in Bani Sawif theatre, to all those monuments stolen from Egypt in the past 22 years where as he was busy in his arts !! To all those historical palaces and houses destroyed in Egypt in the past 22 years !! To all those rare paintings stolen from Egypt !! To all those museums neglected and to the citizens of Egypt whose public  money was wasted and stolen in the ministry of culture in the past 22 years.

Do Not make your hate to Zionism and Israel mislead you , Do not make him a hero, he got what he deserved.


  1. I'm glad this is over. I was tired of reading about it over and over and over and over in your blog. Let it go and move on now.

  2. Forget about the Israel-USA-Zionist conspiracy nonsense.
    He lost because "culture" is never ever about burning books.

  3. Chris, no one agrees to the let's burn the books notion but there is a lot of truth to the pressure put on to make sure he doesnt win and I am wondering would that have happened if he said the same statement about the books of any other country and I am saying county because he referred to Israeli and not Jewish books and there is a huge difference in the 2 meanings. The other issue is was it all 100% politics or did the best candidate win?!!!

  4. زوزو اسرائيل اشتكت الاهرام ويكلي ورسام كاريكاتير مصري عشان رسموا نتانياهو بطريقة مش حلوة
    يا سلام، وهم لما رسموا سيدنا محمد خنزير كانوا اعتذروا؟

    احنا عايزين ننشر الكاريكاتير ده على اوسع نطاق
    الكاريكاتير والحكاية كلها على اللنك ده

  5. ladies do no whine. Gals do. you should say he is whining like a I missed you Zeinad. I read to you regularly

  6. How about I just burn Egyptian books, not Arab ones?

  7. The entire election was a farce. I haven't seen so much bigotry and racism in the UNESCO since 1987, when the united states brought down Ahmed mokhtar Ambo, the Senegalese , because he criticized Israel cultural cleansing of Jerusalem.

  8. Wow! I have seen so few people that can criticize their own race should they have made mistakes. The world needs people like you!

  9. Qumran: Also there is a difference between what is Egyptian and what is Arab and like it or not in the minds and hearts of millions what is Israeli will never be equal to what is Jewish, nice try though

  10. "There are a group of the world's Jews who had a major influence in the elections who were a serious threat to Egypt taking this position !!"

    Do Not make your hate to Zionism and Israel mislead you , Do not make him a hero, he got what he deserved.

    Correction. Should be "do not let your stupidity, backwardness and antisemitism mislead you...".

    Then again. Who cares what a bunch of racists admire and worship?


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