Thursday, September 17, 2009

Regarding Farouk Hosni : Last Argument

I think I spoke a lot along with others online and offline regarding our rejection of Farouk Hosni’s nomination to hold the highest cultural position internationally as the UNESCO's director general.

Of course, we have been attacked in the official local press as if it were from patriotism and the love of Egypt to say Yes for Farouk Hosni, well it is because we are patriots and we are madly in love with Egypt, we say No to Farouk Hosni.

We have been attacked in the official press which that we are working against the only Muslim and Arab candidate in the race despite the fact that candidate did not work for 20 years to preserve our Islamic Arabic heritage.

 We are saying No because we love our country more than Hosni whom for 20 years worked in successive cabinets for a suppressive regime as a sign of loyalty, even the defense and interior ministers did not enjoy that privilege.

One of the things that made me sad is the fact that the controversy regarding anti-Semitism and burning books , what if he did not say those statements ?? Would this make him the best candidate with better chances ??

All the controversy was about his so-called insults against the Jewish people and everybody forgot about his insults and attacks against the Egyptian people and their Culture.

We are saying No and we hope the world say No with us despite the fact we wish that we wake up one day and we do not find him in the ministry of culture.

We think that winning the director general position will be a reward for him , for his crimes he did against the rich culture and heritage of a country simply called Egypt, a reward whereas he deserves to be trialed just like the most  of that regime’s officials and ministers in those 28 years for crimes against Egypt and the Egyptian people.

It scares me a lot if some revolution or coup happens in Egypt next year or the year after and he will be in the UNSECO with UN diplomatic immunity protecting him from accountability !!
I say “NO” to Farouk Hosni as Egyptian Arab Muslim.
I say “NO” because I love Egypt and enough of insults to her , she saw a lot

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