Egyptian Chronicles: Who Will Buy The Old Falki ??

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Who Will Buy The Old Falki ??

The AUC  announced from a long time that it was going to sell the Old Falki building aka old campus down town as the University was transferred to New Cairo.

There were lots of rumors regarding whom will buy the huge and important building in this very important area of Cairo. One of the most famous rumors  was that the Israeli Embassy proposed to the buy the building but had to be declined because of the public pressure. I do not know if this was actually true or not but there is no smoke without fire , still I do not get what fire can behind this smoke , the AUC administration is not that stupid to accept or even to think about that offer !!

I heard that the modern academy wants to buy the building , I also heard that there is a plan to make it a cultural center like the El-Sawy Cultural wheel and I do not what is true and what is false !!

The problem in the old Falki is its huge ugly library whose demolition will cost a huge fortune no one can bear it easily. I never liked that building anyway , I hate that modern meaningless style , I think now the university hates it too , it is big cement block that stands against selling the whole old campus !!


This photo was taken when the library was being emptied for the desks and shelves from two months ago

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  1. The old Falaki building was torn down... The one you have in the pic (where the library is) is the Greek campus.

    The Main campus which overlooks Tahrir Square (Gianaclis Palace) is going to stay as an administrative building. It was rumoured that it will be sold to the Israeli embassy but that's just taxi drivers' nonsense, just like they used to say that we have a swimming pool inside the university where the dress code is only bikinis and that we were shown sex education videos in Ewart hall :p

    So that old building can't be sold because it's part of the country's heritage, belonging first to Nestor Gianaclis then serving as the first headquarters of Cairo University... sa3b ya3ni.

    The Greek campus on Mohamed Mahmoud street with the ugly library was said to have been sold to a school... unconfirmed.

    The new Falaki building where the engineering faculties used to be is said to have been sold to a hospital... again unconfirmed. Interesting little story that used to go around university is that this building is in violation of the inner city building codes but it was much cheaper to pay a yearly fine to the council than to hire a crew to adjust it.

    Finally, I don't know what will happen to the Rare Books and Documents library on Sheikh Rihan street but I think it will probably stay as it is as well.

    All this info is from the summer of 2006 so I'm sure there's somebody out there who has some updates.

  2. I believe the Rare Books is waiting for it's space at the new campus to be completed.

  3. @Mo, thanks for the updates even if they were old , it is interesting to know them. I know it as old Falki from the professors there when I used to attack courses there

    @anonymous, this is unfair who will go all that distance !!!


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