Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Breaking News : Mohamed Mansour resigns

Mohamed Mansour ,the minister of transportation has presented his resignation to President Mubarak after the huge criticism he received from the press and the parliament right after Ayyat train collision and President Mubarak has accepted it.

This may be if I am not mistaken the second the third ministerial resignation accepted by President Mubarak after the famous resignation of former interior minister Ahmed Rushdie and the resignation of Al-Damiary , the former minister of transportation following the terrible Upper Egypt train collision in 2002. It is second resignation for a minister of transportation in Mubarak's era in Egypt and strangely it is also the second resignation caused because of a train collision, it seems that trains are curse following the ministers of transportation in Egypt

Update : 
  • Former minister Mohamed Mansour said on last Sunday that he would not resign , now after two days he resigns , with no doubt he was forced to resign. 
  • Currently the former minister is in his home in Maadi and he has switched his mobile phone off. 
  • There is a lot of confession in the ministry right now , it seems that they did not expect it. 
  • Minister of electricity Hassan Yunis was delegated to head the ministry till they find someone qualified enough !!
  • The Egyptian websites are full of jokes about the resignation and how a buffalo brought down a minister in Egypt !! 
  • Honestly I did not see this coming but I saw very clearly the official media unusual anger and how  Zachariah Azami went ballistic against Mansour in the parliament.
  • Below is the segment of Ahmed Moussa , the infamous regime speaker in the media attacking Mansour last October 25th 


  1. Zeinobia, except 'Ahmed Rushdi', I do not think any one in Egypt can resign.

  2. has presented his resignation

    what kind of english is that???

    "submitted his resignation"

  3. Well, while I am optimistic by that the very sad fact is that no minister gets appointed or quits fully by his own decision, its all in the hands of Mubarak (& those around him)
    I hated what Adib said that now there is an NDP that lets go of its own if ppl are angry bec we have been angry about so many others and instead they have been awarded and a certain former minister of housing comes to mind. So, this is in my personal opinion is mainly because the NDP wants us to believe they are good while we know they arent is this related to the Junior? probably


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