Friday, October 9, 2009

H1N1 Follow Up : Busy Friday

Today was a busy day for the ministry of health , it was not a weekend for them at all. First they announced discovery of 11 new H1N1 cases in Egypt including one fatal case.

The ministry announced the death of 23 years old woman from Giza after being infected with the virus , accordingly our H1N1 death toll has become 3 and strangely they were all women , God bless their souls.

Now the rest 10 infected cases include 5 students from different schools in different governorates  and they are as follows :

  • One student from Al-Maraf Prep public school in Cairo.
  • One student from Saint Claire private school in Cairo
  • Two students from the same class of that student from Sohag who was infected by the virus last week “ Fatimah” , in fact those two girls “ Norhan and Mariam used to sit beside her on the same desk.

People are extremely worried at that village in Sohag after the announcement of these two new cases, people demanded that the school would be closed and currently the ministry of health sent a medical team to check the village for any possible outbreak.

  • One student in some Prep public school in Alexandria.

Despite 5 students infection can’t be considered a serious outbreak  I predict many people will not let their children go to schools next week.

There are infected cases also from Ain Shams University but they are not related as one case in the administration and the other one is a student from the faculty of Al-Alsun in the university.

The other three are for citizens from Cairo and Alexandria “two from Cairo and one from Alex”  and they are connected with previously discovered case.

Now back to the H1N1 student cases , regarding the student from Rajac school , it turned out that dear Ahmed Shokeir’s son is from the same class and Shokeir told me that Dina “the girl” is fine now and she will be out of the hospital after 3 days , this is great despite they do not know how she was infected. Shokeir told me also that the ministry of health called their house to check on his to see if he is ok or if he were suffering from swine flu symptoms, I think this is great for them to follow up with the students.


  1. What happened to the Avian Flu. Did it disappear from Egypt? Or have the pigs taken over?

  2. It is still there but it seems that its seasonal peak has not come yet.


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