Saturday, October 31, 2009

H1N1 Follow UP : Death Strikes School

Today the ministry of health has announced the death of 9 years old boy after his infection by H1N1 , the boy is a student in a private school in Helwan governorate.

Our H1N1 death officially is 5.

For the record I do not know if the boy died because of H1N1 or because of medical error , it turned out that the boy’s condition deteriorated when a doctor gave him a Voltaren shot in his private practice Thursday !! Yes Voltaren and do not ask how on earth and heaven you would give Voltaren shot to 9 years old !!!??

The poor boy could not handle Voltaren especially he was too weak “and even if he was healthy” , his condition turned from bad to worse to a coma !! He died today morning !!

It seems that the boy was suffering from H1N1 and the stupid doctor thought it was something else and he gave him Voltaren.

I am 25 years old girl and I do not take Voltaren when I am sick because it is too strong , in fact my doctor does not prefer because it weakens the patients except in very severe conditions !!

The ministry is running an autopsy and an investigation to see what happened.

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  1. i am a doctor and there is nothing about voltaren to give to a child as long as he adjust the dose to suit him . and i never read a paper saying that voltaren is not taken to a feverish child . and a diagnosis of h1n1 in egypt i guess is harder than treating it .. go see the fever hospitals .. we as doctors will not transfere any feverish patient to a fever hospital or we can bring a recorded message in our clinics insted of us . all the patients are typical of h1n1 infection . selection is based upon a severly ill patient or a deteriorating case or an unresponded case. and the majority will take medication and stay home .. and that what the doctor did .


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