Egyptian Chronicles: Yahoo, Maktoob and DVD4 Arabs

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yahoo, Maktoob and DVD4 Arabs

I wondered last month about the content Policy Yahoo! will follow with Maktoob after its acquisition. Well I discovered that it is beyond blogs content, Maktoob blogs are just the tip of the ice-berg !!
Maktoob hosts No.1 illegal downlands forum in the Arab world , the famous "" which I wonder what will happen to with the new administration.
"Dvd4arabs" is a heaven where you can download anything for free , from songs to full albums, to films to TV series to software; you just name it , you will find it there.
I will deny if I will say that I will be sad if they close this fantastic forum , I have downloaded many films and TV series from it , not to mention I had discussions there for a while.
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  1. I think it have links to torrent files and downloads to sites like rapidshare. I doubt Yahoo/Maktoob servers holds any illegal content.

  2. It would never stop
    check :)


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