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Egyptian X-File : 990

I have never felt that time has passed so quickly except when I opened Al Dostor weekly issue last week to find a special report about the 10th anniversary of Egypt Air Flight 990 incident or rather disaster in New York , man I feel so old !!
I was in high school when it had happened , I remember how the whole country followed this disaster and I remember how Tony Soprano said that he was not responsible for this freaking Egyptian airplane accident.  It was a strange thing because I felt during that time every Egyptian was connected in way or another to one of the 217 people on its board . I remember how Jim Hall was a name engraved in our Jim Hall Egyptian memory , I remember how we were waiting the black boxes to be found and to know what they had from last secrets.
It is even more stranger now that no one has remembered or wants to remember flight 990 except Al Dostor and its reporters , the 10th anniversary of such controversial and horrible disaster should not be forgotten , its file should not be closed because simply up till now we do not know why for real those 217 people on board had died except that it was their fate which we do not object but it is still from our duty towards those 217 to know what really happened on that 31st of October from 10 years and caused their death.
There were two final reports from the Egyptian side and the American side with two different stories and conclusions , there have been too conspiracy theories that spoke about the matter , the Egyptian officials for the first time disagree with the American officials .. the incident has just big X mark on it surrounded by big question marks and truth has been lost in two continents for a decade.

Officially the Americans wasted no time in accusing Co-pilot Gamil El-Batouti of deliberately driving the plane to the bottom of the ocean and their only proof as far as I could telCaptain Al Batoutil is that he said “I rely on God “ !!  Pilot Gamil El-Batouti by all accounts was not a suicidal ; personally and professionally he had no reason to commit suicide not even to mention to take the lives of other 216 with him regardless of the American claims about his mental health. I believe we made it clear to the Americans that the last words of Captain El-Batouti , those famous words “I rely on God” were not the last words of a person who would commit suicide but rather a person who was going to do a huge thing and wants God’s support , El-Batouti was trying to save the lives of those 216 and his not taking the lives of those 216 with him. The man already had flew 15,000 hours in Egypt Air , 1/3 of them on Boeing 767 and before that he was in the EAF. If he were not an innocent the Egyptian regime would not defend like that as our regime loves scapegoats.  I am afraid the Americans this time were the one that used late El-Batouti as scapegoat !! Leading the public in the States to believe that this man was behind this terrible incident with media leaks and media fabrications for months and our regime did not stand as it should. Where were the rest of the crew in the cockpit if he were trying to commit suicide ?? The captain has an axe beside him not to mention I believe they have gun also in the cockpit !!?? According to the voice recordings the pilot not El-Batouti told him to “Pull with me” to the pull the plane or what !!?? Were they committing suicide together !!?? The pilot could have rebooted the autopilot again or even screamed ; it does not make any sense when you think about it. 
The Egyptian official report says on other hand that there is something wrong in Boeing 767 after all in 1991 there was the Lauda Air flight  004 crash in Thailand and that the Americans were biased towards Boeing , of course Boeing fired back stating that it amended the malfunction that caused the Lauda Air flight 004 crash in 1992 where as our air crash was in 1999. Also in this particular jet the autopilot had crashed three times from L.A to New York and this is why the crew “El-Batouti was not among them” had to reboot it in the three times. Autopilot can reboot itself in certain circumstances too. In 1998/1999 more than 10 Boeing air jets had accidents.
In Egypt most people if not all of them disbelieve both reports up till , even minister of aviation/ general Ahmed Shafik does not believe them and thinks that something unusual happened up there , of course he knows what it was and he does not want to speak. It seems that the minister believes in conspiracy theories like the rest of people in a very rare incident. The Americans mostly are the reason why these theories were spreading like the fire ; let’s just say they were arrogant with their refusing to share any real information with the Egyptian public taking advantage from the submissive Egyptian regime. It is enough to know that till our day the second voice recording of the cockpit in the black box has not been heard by a single Egyptian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Black Box The most famous black box in Egypt in the 20th century
Ironically the Egyptian report implies to conspiracy theory of  its own; NTSB is hiding the truth with Boeing !! Now we got two reports and the truth is lost in between ; it has been lost for 10 years !! It is a natural thing to have alternative theories aka conspiracy theories in our case. An Airplane like that does not go down in this speed, in no time for no logic reason !!??
The conspiracy theories in our case are divided in to three sections : How , Why  and who; how the planned went down for real , why it went down for real and who actually did it for real after all we are speaking of deliberate act by someone.
The first conspiracy theory said that the plane was bombed by an inside bomb planted by someone , already FYI the airplane did not take off after two hours of its original take off in JFK airport but this conspiracy does not fit with on how the airplane went down to the ocean and technically when this scenario was reenacted on the flight simulator we had a different way of ending than the real one.
The second conspiracy theory which is the most popular says that the plane was shot down by two rockets launched  from some Long Island air forces bases. The theory goes like this : as I hinted above the airplane officially did not take off in JFK airport except after two hours and it seems that the computer systems and the flight schedule in JFK airport either were not updated by the this info or they were updated too late .If the computer systems in JFK were not updated at the right time with the new take off timing of the airplane , the air defenses systems would not be alarmed that there was a civilian aircraft coming through in a certain restricted area  and so that airplane would be be identified as an enemy objected and automatically  it would be eliminated.
I know it sounds crazy but according to all Egyptian pilots whether civilians or military El-Batouti was trying to maneuver something and rescue the airplane after being hit with the first rocket in the tail when our flight 900 was hit by another rocket which led it to the cold ocean in no time. It is not being biased to him.  “ The words {Pull with me}  from the pilot meant they wanted to take it up not to go down}”
  • There was a sudden jamming on the communication 3 minutes before the start of this terrible ending , this jamming prevented any communication between the airplane and the control on the main land , it could even prevent the crew to push the SOS button.
  • Something happened and prevented the crew from pushing the SOS button to send a signal , something unexpected that made them think in a very rapid way in order to save the airplane as fast as possible.
  • The only thing that causes the sudden disappearance of an airplane on that altitude “30,000 feet” is an explosion.
  • There were no bodies , only human tissues which means that the airplane was exposed to huge air pressure because of huge explosion , not a regular explosion.
  • For an airplane with the same weight and specifications of Boeing 767 , it is impossible to go from 33,000 feet to 19,000 in 34 seconds except if something powerful has happened to the tail.
  • Shutting down the engines do not lead to the airplane’s fall alone not to mention in this speed.
  • IF you disable the autopilot , if you close the engines and try to make the airplane fall deliberately from 33,000 feet to 19,000 in 34 seconds you will fail.
  • Late General Fahim Rayan ; the CEO of Egypt Air then and current minister of Aviation General Ahmed Shafik “ a student of Mubarak in the academy” were both veteran air forces officers and believed that something hit the tail !!
Ok we are making these factors up ,well what about eye witnesses !!??
A Jordanian Co-pilot called Awad El-Rashad had seen a ball of fire in the same area Shalibatmoving so fast and he freaked out in front of the captain Ahmed Khafga of flight 260 of the Royal Jordanian airlines. Khafga was afraid that his co-pilot was freaking out. When he reached Amman ,he knew what happened to his superiors verbally ; sooner  the whole crew signed an agreement to not to say again what El-Rashad had seen on that day. Khafga told his friend politician Laith El-Shalibat who by his turn exposed the whole story  to the media and informed the Egyptian authorities with the matter. Of course we do not know what happened from there as the crew later denied seeing anything or to be accurate El-Rashad denied seeing anything !!???
Ok these are Jordanians , Arabs who love fantasy and conspiracy theories like us ; what about this German pilot who saw a ball of fire in the sky too !!?? This German pilot spoke in the early days that followed the accident and then he vanished or rather refused to speak again just like the Jordanian co-pilot; I searched for his name but in vain. Already it is said that he spoke to Reuters when he came back to Germany and sooner Reuters was given order to pull the news as soon as possible.
Second the fact  that incident took place after the terrible crash of JFK JR’s plane. JFK JR just like his dad had his share from conspiracy theories , one of the popular theories is that his plane was hit by a missile or rocket launched from that airbase near Rhoda Island in July 1999 “ There were theories then : he discovered the involvement of G.W Bush SR in his father’s assassination with hard evidence and he would publish it in his magazine and Hilary Clinton got rid of America’s last Prince from the NY senate seat” . Strangely Egyptians did not forget that little boy who saluted his dad in his funeral and connected his death to the death of those 217. Also in 1996 there was the infamous TWA flight 800 crash in the same area which has also its conspiracies and one of them is similar to our theory ; the infamous Pierre Salinger theory which was discredited by the CIA itself in the States.
Ok why would this flight end like that ??? well usually civilian air flights are targeted for political reasons whether declared or undeclared. The undeclared messages either to send specific strong political message to specific regime or to make sure that something on that flight does not reach its final destination like for instance The Arabian Libyan airlines flight No.114 aka Salwa Hegazy flight.
Well it is another big X when we investigate this matter , after all it does not make sense on earth and heaven all international media speak up till now about the VIP military delegation on the board of 990 where as it is a taboo in our national media just to hint about it !! I do not get the press now speaks widely open about Suzanne Mubarak role in regime but can’t speak about this after 10 years !!!
For God sake everybody knows in Egypt that there were not less than 30 officers returning back home . I read the official list of the victims and strangely there were no army men , of course I can’t be so sure because their titles could be hidden and they could be given other titles and professions or even names. The army or rather the regime knows how the people will be furious for its mistake to put all its finest men on one plane and seriously I can’t comprehend how they can do such mistake , for God sake the army and the regime owns Egypt Air , would it be hard to distribute them on different flights even on different airlines with fake passports ?? I know about this delegation since the incident in 1999 thanks to very trusted source. Also I know that this delegation included EAF pilots who were trained on the latest American fighter jets beside other army technicians. Of course now I know that the delegation included two brigadier-generals, a colonel, a major and at least four Air forces officers this besides other ranks of course and this delegation was on a training program in the States for 3 years.
There are rumors that there were nuclear scientists and professors from the technical military faculty in this delegation , rumors even extended to the fighter jets models those air forces pilots were trained on which unfortunately untrue because we own most of these models before the incident by ages. Also after the crash spy chief and minister Omar Soliman had travelled to the US . Why would the spy chief of Egypt travel in person if it that was not an ordinary plan crash with no military personal or VIP personal was on board of the plan !!?
But then why would someone work so hard to get rid of it on expense of the other passengers in the flights ?? This is my dilemma so what if you get rid from that delegation , tomorrow Egypt will send another delegation and the army this time will be more cautious !!?? That terrible incident did not stop the Egyptian army , this is something I know for sure. Yes I understand very well how much expensive the skilled individual in the army especially when we are speaking air forces fighters whose training costs the country millions of dollars but EAF is still keeping its position as the most important and powerful air forces in Africa and as a balance power in the Middle East compared to Israel.
May be because we do not know all the truth regarding his delegation , we can’t have full judgment or clue.
Now who did it ?? Who wants to get rid from that airplane with its expensive heavy military human cargo ??
I do not think it is the United States despite that it happened in their land and according to the theory by their rockets ; why would they do it and affect their relations with Cairo ?? Why would they get rid from that delegation if they were the one to host it for 3 years to train it !!??
Most conspiracy theories in Egypt and outside it if not all of them point to the Israeli Mossad ,which delayed the airplane for two hours to cause all that tragedy.It is beyond our bloody history and the fact that we had a military delegation on the board of 990. Mossad has a black infamous record in targeting our civilian airliners ; in mid 1960s an Egypt Air flight from Rome was bombed , up till officially we do not know why , unofficially the flight had a precious cargo the Mossad did not want to arrive in Cairo ; this cargo was said to be a VIP Mossad spy. In 1973 the famous Arabian Libyan airlines incident in which the IAF directly bombed the flight , it did not make sense then but again it turned out that there was an Israeli spy caught in Libya and was in his way to Cairo. Was it for the delegation !!?? Was it for someone or something else on the board of this sad flight !!?? Was it a political message !!?? Only God knows.
Who else during that time would do such thing !!??  Iran was not yet our competitor in the region and even Iran would not dare to mess with us on the military level and the so-called Islamists also do not dare to mess with us on the military level ; the Egyptian army is considered for them the shield of the Islamic Sunni world, they fight with the police as they want but not with the army !!
If you think that we , the Egyptians went too far with our conspiracy theories ,then you must read the American conspiracy theories which starts from Pro-new world order navy to fight the Non NWO troops hidden in our Giza plateau to intelligence war between CIA factions over our dead bodies to aliens from outer space “ I remember that I watched an X-File episode with the same synopsis !!”
Here is an excellent special documentary by Youssry Fouda during his work in Al Jazeera about the flight , I wish it was translated.
Here is an old interview for Mrs.Omaima El-Batouti ; the widow of pilot Gamil El-Batouti with BBC Arabic
Also here is the guardian’s special report about the incident after 6 months.
From Al Ahram archive : a tragedy in the victims’ houses
I just wish that the Egypt Air flight 990 would not be a classical Egyptian X-file the future generations , I wish that it is really closed by the truth soon , the truth for the sake 217 people and their families.
I just hope to know the truth , the real truth about Egypt Air flight No.990 before its  20th anniversary.


  1. Thank you for keeping this alive. Someday, somewhere the truth will be known

  2. I hope so , I am waiting for this day

  3. Like a lot of Egypcians....You're in DeNile

  4. So sad you believe in theories not facts.

  5. One of the victims, Richard Spohn Brokaw was the distant cousin of TV man, Tom Brokaw. The oldest victim was a Chinese-American Fred Wong.

  6. I couldn't read all of this because I can see you don't really understand what you're analyzing...but for anyone else who stumbles upon this page like I did - here are the facts of on some of the points mentioned here.

    1.) When the pilot said, "pull with me" he meant PULL UP. If the plane is going down and you are ACTUALLY trying to save it, you want to put your flaps the nose of the plane would go up - you want to "pull up" the nose of the plane. They were in the nose up position on the pilots side and on El-Batouti's side they were in the nose down position. Also you don't just put on autopilot and the plane literally rights itself...autopilot is like cruise control in a car - for the most part it really just holds what you're already set at.

    2.) The U.S. government keeps information to itself during all active investigations...yes, even from it's own people. It's a successful technique actually - not arrogance

    3.) There is no such thing as an SOS button...

    4.) Yes the plane was at 33,000ft but it was also going .86 mach..."transonic" almost at the speed of sound and this wasn't even when the plane had its nose down and at terminal velocity - this was just after the nose initially turned straight down, so I do believe that it's absolutely possible to reach 19,000ft in seconds.

    Of course regardless of what happened this is a tragedy not just for the all the lives and those deeply affected, but for the fact that so many refuse to believe facts and blatant evidence.

  7. C'mon....why must you be so naive?? I don't believe the U.S.Gov't as far as I can throw it, but this is an obvious case of pilot suicide. Think about it...the suicidal pilot had no answers when the pilot was asking what was happening. He just kept spewing that "I rely on God" stuff instead of explaining what had happened or trying to get the plane out of the dive.


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