Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Hysterical Blogger

When Israel used to attack Gaza and the Egyptian regime  did not do what is supposed to do ,I expressed my views on this blog a and I was being called hysterical for 4 weeks ; it made me sad for while but I did not lose my faith and later I felt that I am doing the right thing.

I am proud of what I did then and I still believe that the Egyptian regime did not act as it should as the ruling regime of EGYPT.

Now in this Egyptian-Algerian crisis I have been called hysterical too and honestly I do not know why !! I understand who called me hysterical during the Gaza war and why and I respect them but I do not know why I am being called hysterical now. I believe that my role is to show the truth and to defend my country and people whose voices were not heard for real for a long time  and this is what I am doing ; trying to tell the world and more important to the Algerians our version of the story may be they will listen to us , may be they will understand that they are being manipulated by their regime. I am not hysterical and believe it or not several times I keep myself from blogging when I feel that I am nervous and I can be biased. There are several times I deleted whole posts because I feel that I am not that objective and I am biased in it.

If You follow my blog , you will know that I always defend the Egyptian rights and insh Allah I will continue to do so. In this crisis I believe we have been humiliated thanks in the first place for a regime that made us cheap in our own country and this is why we have been chased in the streets of Khartoum by hooligans.

  I believe I was and I am still more objective than many of Egyptian bloggers. I do not hate Algeria , in fact I wish one day that I will visit it insh Allah but let’s say now I feel sad and angry from those turning its people against us. I have faith in Ben Baila’s Algeria not in Boutaflika’s Algeria.

We are people with high ego believe it or not , it is kind of paradox I know ; the big riddle of Egyptian personality which no one can understand for real for 7,000 years . We are strange I admit but I think this is what makes us special , you do not know when we are going erupt.

If you think that I am hysterical , well you have to bear me for while as I was hysterical during the Gaza war.


  1. من اصدق الاشياء التي قرأت منذ فترة ، من اكثر ما يحترم لدى الانسان هو ان يعبر عن ذاته حقا لا ان يتبع الآخرين وهذا ما شعرته اتجاه هذه السطور الخارجة بكل رقي عن سرب الطيور ومحلقة كنسر متأمل وحيد اتمنى ان يوجد مثله المزيد ويارب ان نملك حماسة قوية وصلابة لا تكسر في قضايا مصيريه حقا ما يحدث الان يدعو للحزن حقا ومؤلم فحصاد سنوات طويلة وزرع عمر طويل يحرق في لحظات غاضبة غير مسئولة لتسقط حقوق الجيرة والضيافة وآداب الخلاف والاختلاف ..شرارة انطلقت ولم يخمد الحريق الغير مجدي حتى الآن.

  2. Dear Zeinobia
    wlahy I swear 2 God i have always respected you and now I respect u even more we don't have 2 agree with each other 2 respect one another
    all respect and all love :D

  3. You are not hysterical at all! dont let others dictate what you can write or express yourself. this is your blog so do what is best for you and others who loves reading it and listening to videos you posted! one of them is me! What had happened in Algeria is the truth that nobody can deny it and we saw and heard it ourselves on tv and it is live!

    What the Algerian hooligans were doing to Egyptians fan were big time crimes! I do agreed with you people mistreated the Egyptians because Egyptians have been mistreated in their own country! for example on Mona shazly show if not mistaken somebody mentioned an incident in Cairo where an Algerian guy was insulting an Egyptian and talking bad about Egypt but the police pick up the Egyptian guy instead the Algerian guy! which is absurd! During President Sadat, nobody dare to mistreated Egyptians especially after one incident with Libya before! Insyallah after this incident in Khartoum, Egyptians will be treated well and respected outside their country. I hope also President Mubarak will take a very serious action against Algeria be it diplomatic ties or anything to show to them that they never try to harm the Egyptian people!

    I have respect for all the Egyptian fans who were in Sudan watching the match for being composed, sport spirit and calmed during the match and after it though Egypt lost the game.

    Now Egyptian team have to focus on African cup in Angola! and this time I hope if Egypt were to meet again with Algerian team there will be special forces or troops from Egypt to escort them!!!

  4. Zeinobia, "hysterical" is often a word people lob at women unfairly, no?

    Just keep blogging.

  5. Mohamed Elqusbi11/21/2009 08:53:00 AM

    What an Ego you mean!? Everybody on this planet has an ego, That's not an excuse for What you have done in Last few days , The Egyptian Media were [ and still are! ] like a mad dogs.
    I'm not an Egyptian or Algerian but I got annoyed by all these shows , I don't think you have watched Dream 2 tv yesterday ( 10 p.m. )! I think it was a scandel! shame on programs like these! it's just a game for God's Sake! Why all this?
    everyone on this planet thinks that He is special , so don't be so stupid to think you're the only one!.

  6. no actually i like this article although i havent seen how far u was "hysterical" before bec i havent viewed the gaza articles...

  7. You've never been objective .... you even cannot lose a football match. Time to blame the CIA or Mossad!

  8. لقد وجدت هذه المداخلة في موقع

    و هي مفيدة , أترككم معها

  9. Dear Zeinobia,
    You are not hysterical at all, I have been exchanging tweets with you over past hours on the subject of what happened in Sudan. However, I re-iterate here that your problem is in taking immediate stance or reponse from what you recieve from official media, besides, you jump to conlusion on basis of anlysis and not facts. For this later, you concluded that the Algerians run out of handle because they look contemptiously to Egypt and the Egyptians. See what they did for Khartoum airport and what they did for their ownselves in their country.
    as regards the media, it goes without say, in our area whether in Egypt, Sudan or Algeria they have accumulated huge experience in fabricating. The our burst of satelite channels has excerbated the situation. From last night and thru this morning all Egyptian officials from the president down to the Egyptian Ambassador in Khartoum have had to appologize for Sudan from what they call irresponsible media. Also, the facts about what actually happened started to show up depicting a very wide gab between reality and media exaggerations.
    Since you opted to be active in social media by blogging and tweeting you have to be a bit patient in fact seeking. I liked your social media contributions and I am not criticising you. I am 57 years old and you are in the age of my kids. This is why i am taking liberty to advicing you. I am having great hopes in the new generation to fix things up so that we are all not being treat with contempt by other nations.

  10. Dear Zeinobia, I have been reading your blog for quite a while now and I see it as a very valuable source of information. Apart from that, as a former correspondent in Egypt who loves Egypt, I can understand your feelings most of the time. Indeed I often share them, as in the cases of Gaza and this football affair. You are not hysterical at all! Please go on blogging like you did.


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