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Thursday, November 5, 2009

NDP Web 2.0

The NDP has launched an official Youtube channel online. Do we have to head to Vimeo now or what ??
Of course I can't take anymore of the NDPians comments on their videos, these comments I would to hint do not represent the majority of the Egyptian people
The NDP marketers are being paid LE 1500 per month and they have to work to deserve every penny in it !!
Man I am scared on twitter.
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  1. Great let's all tell them how we feel and since its their channel their leaders can no longer "think" they are only opposed by talk shows and the press.

  2. Yeah let them know how much we oppose them for real and how much we are exposing their lies

  3. forget it!!! all comments are disabled!!!! shame on NDP, scared of the truth!


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