Saturday, November 21, 2009

What About The Dignity of Egyptians inside Egypt ??

Mubarak said in his speech in front of the people’s assembly and the Shura Council that the Egyptian citizens abroad are the responsibility of the state and that the dignity of Egyptians is from the dignity of Egypt !!

I do not know what to say except that Mr. President none of this could have happen if we are enjoying our dignity as Egyptian citizens inside  Egypt in the first place !!?? Please tell these words to the victims of police brutality  , please them again to thousands of Egyptians abroad who haven been humiliated enough around the globe because of your economic policies for 28 years. Mr. President please these words to the families who lost their members on the borders with Israel , on the board of flight 990 , on the board of Al Salam ferry and on the board of Badr I.


  1. وزير الدفاع 1:53 كان شكله نايم و التسفيق صحاه من النوم و بعدين هما وقفو ليه

  2. زنوبيا
    كل عام وانت بألف خير اولا
    اما بخصوص خطاب السيد الريس فأعتقد انها جعجعه للإستهلاك المحلى فقط
    اصل دى الموضه دلوقت الجزائر يعنى ...
    انا مش فاهم على ايه النفخة الكدابة دى واحنا حالنا داخليا اصلا لا يسر عدولا حبيب وبعدين فعلا احنا اصلا كرامتنا متهانة جو بلدانا
    يبقى من الطبيعى مالناش كرامة براها

  3. One word: BRAVO !


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