Saturday, November 21, 2009

Alaa Mubarak strikes Again

It seems that Alaa Mubarak has a lot to say from that bloody night in Khartoum that left so shaken and so furious , last night he did it again and called a live night news show ; this time it was the official Al Beit Batik.

This time it was much long , he was ballistic and you have something interesting quotes more than the previous time with his famous line “ They were treating us as if we are Jews killing people in Gaza”

Alaa was very angry and he told them he wanted more time on air to express his anger , he would use his right as the President’s son.He was angry from Ibrahim Eissa's Op-ed last Friday in which his brother Gamal and Ahmed Ezz were attacked. Eissa wrote that Gamal and Ezz took the first jet to Cairo leaving the rest of the Egyptians in hell. Alaa was angry despite he was not mentioned at all from near or far , he believed that this attack meant that he and his brothers were cowards despite they left with the national team in the morning. For the record most Egyptians including me thought that the Mubarak brothers left earlier thanks to the telephone call of MP Mustafa Bakery from Khartoum in that night.

It is ironic because if Alaa Mubarak bought Al Dostor earlier last night he would know that Eissa does not hate him at him as he wrote in his Op-ed “ 12 Reasons to love Alaa Mubarak”

Also if he reads Al-Dostor and other opposition newspapers , does not he read

Alaa Mubarak continued his attack on Algeria in a strange way considering his position as the first son. Alaa does not want any relation with Algeria from any kind and he attacked the generals and Pasha of Algeria !!!!  Alaa will not even accept the apology of the President !!?? “What do you want then ??”

Alaa also said that if we are going to play with Algeria again in the African national Cup , there will be no woman or child , it will be man to man I believe !!

I love this quote

I told “Papa” that we are going to with the national team

I also I love the fact that he does not know the name of Khairy Ramadan and kept calling him Mr.Khalid !! 

Anyhow Gamal Mubarak must hate himself because in two phone calls only Alaa won a lot of popularity among the public regardless of what you and I think about him and his family.


  1. Dear Zeinobia (by the way I like the name, I visited once in Palmyra if that's where your name refers to?), you wrote:

    "The Algerian press is attacking Alaa Mubarak calling him the teenager and the son of real President of Egypt "Suzanne Mubarak" and that he wants to become the President of Egypt and is using the defeat!! This shows you how ignorant those reporters are because all the world knows that it is his brother not him"

    It is funny that only now in your latest article you are making same kind of connotations. I don't mean that Alaa really wants to become a President, neither did Algerian media, but is using the nationalistic feelings of citizens.

    Algerian officials have been in my mind very clever this time not to answer or react to aany of these accusations. They have been concentrating on celebration (Yet also it is also always easy to smile as a winner, and if Algeria had lost, I fear that situation would have become much more violent).

    It is clear that there were no such attacks towards egyptians in Khartoum, that some of your rich elite, for a reason that is unclear for me, are supplying. I really think that your governement is in deep trouble and is using these false pretexts for its own surviving and at the same time letting frustations of your people to come out and propably trying to strenghten your self image after so many diplomatic losses (Unesco, Palestine negotiations and now football).

    I was also amazed, when I checked MB:s webpages, that they didn't swallow the trap that certain egyptian media is feeding. Is it because they are the ones that have suffered so much about lies and scandals? U must know better than me.

    I would also like to pose question for you.

    1) How do you think we could prepare the dammage done (by both sides) and move on. What would be the best way?

    2) How long do you think that we need time to heal the wound?

  2. Thank you Zeinab for posting this video. I really like the way Alaa talks. He is personable and can relate to people a lot more than his brother. If I, as an Egyptian, have to chose a Mubarek to be the next president, I would definitely pick Alaa.

  3. Nevertheless it shows that the accusations against the Mubarak brothers were absolutely unfounded and thus unfair to even bring them up. They shouldn't even having been published without thorough investigation. It's always easy to accuse but difficult to take it back once it is written.

  4. @Zeinobia, Here is the link to AlShorouk newspaper quoting your blog.

  5. Sorry but these hosts look bored and look like they want 2 tell him 2 shut up already but let's face it. It's the President's big boy.


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