Friday, December 25, 2009

Amr Moussa : We Can Not Be Spectators

Al Masry Al Youm published a long interview for Amr Moussa in another episode of the rivalry between it and Al Shorouk Daily. As you know Al Shorouk published a long exclusive interview with Mohamed ElBaradei last week that increased from the public’s admiration and support to him. Firing back at this move Al Masry Al Youm published another longer interview with Amr Moussa, the rival of Mohamed ElBaradei or at least this is how the media portrays to us.
To be honest I did not expect what Moussa had said in his interview , I expected that he is being used by the regime to distract the public attention and support to ElBaradei by giving them their first civilian Choice ; I was mistaken and I owe the man an apology.
The interview was published on two parts ; the first part was about the internal issues of Egypt and the second part was about the Arabic and regional relations
First here is interview :
Amr Moussa said diplomatically  it clear this time : He will not run for presidency as its road is blocked because of this stupid article no.76 which he attacks. He elaborated saying that to run for presidency you have two hard choices either to join the high committee of a party you did not found or you run as independent candidate which is much hard if it is impossible thanks to article no.76. Of course he gave a vague answer when he was asked if he was going to run if this article was changed.
He respects the hopes of ElBaradei and refused that stupid attack on him especially that he is related to him from his mother’s family. Despite expressing a huge respect to ElBaradei two of his answers can be interrupted as indirect attack on him like when he said that he was a practical not a dreamy man and when he said that he would not announce that he would run for presidency just for publicity and fame. These two answers could be misinterpreted and used by the official media he slammed hugely in the interview in revenge. He also is with both the judicial supervision and the international; he also believes that we need new constitution. He agreed along with ElBaradei that our future is threatened starting with our education. If ElBaradei spoke about the shanty towns , he spoke about the countryside.
Now to the most interesting parts in the interview dealing with Mubarak and son ; a master of diplomacy in his answers. Mubarak ; the father runs for presidency is different case than if anyone else runs for presidency “I think he meant by anyone else Gamal Mubarak” . Gamal Mubarak has the right to have ambitions and the people have the right to choose. Concerning his candidacy , well there are still lots of speculations still we can’t be just spectators !!! I think he is against hereditary.

Moussa also spoke about the political system in Egypt ; whether we should be a constitutional republic or parliamentary republic, he prefers constitution republic though
The second part is about the Arab regional politics, he is not alarmed by the Turkish role and he believes we should have a dialogue with Iran.
I respect this man so much and I wish that he returns again as our minister of foreign affairs despite it is considered a demotion after being the secretary  general of Arab league but we need him and need all brains like his. Again I will respect what I have said before despite my admiration I believe Moussa will be better FM than a president.
Second here are parts of the interview in Video :

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