Friday, December 25, 2009

A Big Decade ; Big Events : Egypt in noughties

Ok this is a very hard post because this decade was a really busy one in Egypt more , it is full of bad days and good days , it is full of hope and despair at the same time but for sure it ends with one question many people from inside and outside are asking themselves : Egypt to where is heading !!??
Of course this is one person's effort based on her views , I know some people will disagree with me for sure regarding these points. Again I want to see more comments on this one. I started as ten then went up to 50 then I found myself reaching to 100
 Noughties by the way means the years from 2000 to 2009
I will do my best in chronicling the major events of this decade locally in Egypt , again there is no arrangement , this is just as they came in my mind :
1) Constitution amendments and article No.76
2) The presidential elections in 2006
3) Gamal Mubarak
4) Train crashes starting with the Upper Egypt train crash ending with the Al-Aiyat crash
5) The Muslim brotherhood
6) Kafiya
7) Mohamed ElBaradei
8) The rise of protests and strikes all over the country in almost all the fields
9) The new governorates : 6th of October , Helwan and lately Luxor
10) The Fall of Toshka project

11) Ayman Nour 
12) The rise of the religious Salafi views in the society
12) The rise of sexual harassment problem
13) The murder of Suzanne Tamim and the arrest of Hisham Talaat Mustafa
14) The Chinese invasion starting with home to home sellers "Buy Chinese" to Chinese cars to Chinese furniture to Chinese gold to Chinese fake Virginity
15) Ahmed Ezz and the neo-guards of NDP
16) The rise and fall of our national football team starting by the African nations cup then to the confederation cup ending at our game in Khartoum
17) Haifa Wahbi and her sisters
18) Private TV and radio stations
19) Night news talk shows on Nile Sat and National TV
20) Nour and Mohand
21) Gamal Soliman and the rest of the beautiful Syrian invasion
22) Culture Wheel
23) Tamer Hosni
24) People began to read books again
25) Independent newspapers “ Al Masry Al Youm,Al Dostor and Al Shorouk”
26) H1N1 and H5N1
27) The destruction of Egyptian cotton industry
28) Baymen ,Carfour,City Stars , Zarra and H&M
29) Al Ain Al Sokhna and Marsa Alam
30) Bani Sawif theatre fire
31) Al Salam Ferry
32) Al-Doweiqa
33) The bread queues martyrs
34) Ashraf Marwan death
35) Exporting gas to Israel
36) Shakid Affair
37) King Farouk series and Neo-Royalists
38) Egypt receives its first gold medal in Olympics
39) The rise and fall of Hala Sarhan “Do you still remember her ??”
40) The Smart village and its smart cabinet
41) Ezzat Hanfi and similar thugs in Upper Egypt
42) The city Cab and White Cab
43) Cilantro Cafe and other cafes
44) The Baha’is
45) Marwa El-Sherbany’s murder
46) Ahmed Ezz , Hani Salama,Karim Abdel Aziz and Ahmed El-Sakka
47) The sell and merger of Egyptian national and private banks
48) Car bank loans
49) Ahmed Halmi , Mohamed Saad and the return of Henndy
50) Abla Kamel ,Mona Zaki , Menna Shalbi, Hannan Turk , Somai El-Khashab , Ghada Abdel Razak and Yousra El-louzi
51) Blogging
52) Facebook
53) Egypt’s flag
54) Hezbollah cell
55) Talaat El-Sadat
56) The Ups and downs of Egyptian stock market
57) The Nile Basin crisis
58) The Egyptian – Arab crisis “ Syrian, Qatari, Algerian and Palestinian”
59) The Sudanese massacre at Mustafa Mahmoud square
60) The end of Cinema Club show on Ch.1 of the national TV after 30 years
61) The transfer of Ramses II statue from its square
62) The Shura Council fire
63) Down town restoration and sell
64) Farouk Hosni’s fall in the UNESCO’s elections
65) Tuk-tuks
66) Al Azhar Park
67) The 40th anniversary of the six days war
68) Journalists and ex-footballers turned in to TV hosts
69) The rise of incestuous relations and crimes
70) The water crisis in summer
71) Iraqi refugees , Chinese sellers and Indian workers
72) QIZ and its fiasco
73) Sectarian clashes
74) Shanty towns cinema and TV series
75) The return of bars and liquor stores in Cairo
76) The crisis of garbage in Cairo
77) The Wagih Siag case
78) The death of  Mohamed Alaa Mohamed Hosni Mubarak
79) The fall of Marina and the rise of Porto Marina and Hacienda bay lately
80) Family massacres
81) Mickey magazine is not printed by a public publishing house anymore and is being published by a private publishing house
82) Newsweek and National geographic in Arabic
83) Mohamed Haikel is still making headlines
84) The fall of the old ass kissers from official newspapers and the rise of new ones
85) Exporting maids to Gulf
86)Omar Soliman
87) Blue concert , Enrique concert , Sean Paul Concert, Shakira concert ,Aikon Concert and Beyonce concert
88) Obama Speech in Cairo University
89) NDP conferences
90) Hosni Mubarak’s ill health from time to time
91) Big economic empires : EGF-Hermes, Beltone , Orascom,Citadel Capital …etc
92) Real Estate taxes
93) The rise of car crashes
94) Police torture video scandals
95) The Virgin Mary apparitions “twice in this decade”
96) Nile channels and Osama El-Sheikh
97) Israeli FM Lieberman is persona en grata in Cairo
98) 6th April strike and Al Mahalla clashes
99) Dalia Maghad, Mustafa El-Said and Essam Hagi
100) The Ultras
Did I miss anything !???


  1. Dina's sexual scandal, Mansour Chevrolet resigns, ma3bar rafa7, HIV big awareness(hotline, ads..etc), Breast Cancer big awareness, Inas El Deghaidi & Al Garee2a


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