Friday, December 4, 2009

ElBaradei Speaks And The Regime Does Not Like It

He is tired now and he is free for any position ; ElBaradei did it again and this time he tackled it directly. It is not the first time he speaks about his conditions to run for the big office in Egypt but it is first time he would be specific ; more than specific in his conditions in a statement issued by his office

ElBaradei is overwhelmed by the trust of the Egyptian people and he will not let them down but after certain conditions :

1-Founding a national independent unbiased committee to supervise the elections

2-A complete judicial supervision on the elections.

3- International supervisors from the UN.

4-Allowing all citizens to run for the post ; candidacy for all. “In other words to cancel the longest article in our current constitution ; NDP article no.76”

5- Purifying the electors lists “In other words to clear the electors lists of those who are dead and those who are registered in the first place and they say that he has been away from ElBaradei Nobel Egypt !!”

Not only that but he also gave an early view of presidential program : A new constitution.

All what he demanded is what we have been demanded for decades , these demands are what we need to have free elections. They are logic demands for God sake. Of course we know that these demands are rarely to be achieved because they mean the natural end of Mubarak’s regime whether the father or the son. I do not know if ElBaradei as diplomat veteran is playing some game with the regime or what ; I mean is he trying to embarrass the Mubarak regime in front of the whole world showing for what real it is as a dictatorship which can’t afford having transparent democratic elections. It is if he is saying “ I dare you to have these democratic elections, I dare you to have a rival candidate like me” . Whether Gama or his father are going to run the office next elections also whether in 2011 or in 2010 as many expect and do not ask me why they need a strong candidate in front of them to show the world they are democratic regime but they do not a real strong candidate with an experience like him. We all know what happened to serious candidates last elections and ElBaradei knows it very well and he refuses to be a puppet in a stupid charade.  I believe ElBaradei is trying to say that he will not run in a very polite smart and strong way ; he will not run in a charade and he will not kiss this regime ass but he will do it in a real election.He is not a quitter nor he will abandon his country people especially he knows very well how terribly Egypt

I do not need to tell you how the official media has received his statement , he is now officially being attacked and labeled as an agent and traitor in big newspapers like Al Ahram and its evening edition Al Ahram Al Massai where as other official publications labeled him as the faceboo’s President.’I like the headline of Al Ahram : ElBaradei demands a constitutional coup !!’

The opposition and independent newspapers copied his statement as it is ,leaving Mohamed ElBaradei and family the decision to its readers to see if he was sane or insane ‘Al Masry Al Youm, Al Dostour and Al Shorouk’

Strangely the foreign press as far as I could tell ignores this news where as Israeli press has been attacking him for a long time since the IAEA.

By the way FYI ElBaradei unlike Gamal Mubarak has one passport only : An Egyptian Passport. I felt that I must share this information because the LE 1500 trolls of NDP are roaming the internet saying that he got an American citizenship and Swedish citizenship … bla bla bla !!?? They also are saying that he was America’s puppet , I wish they can stop speaking about puppets after all ElBaradei was among the people who said that reports about Iraqi WMD were untrue !!

We may agree or disagree about ElBaradei’s candidacy if he ever manages to get what he wants but we must agree that what he is saying is true and correct

Boys and gals this will our main discussion this weekend and the coming week


  1. I read the articles in Ahram and Evening Ahram and first of all, I did not see any mention of ElBaradei being an agent or a traitor in these articles.

    It is also interesting to see that in the Evening Ahram article, it is obvious that all of the people interviewed in the article are representatives of opposition parties! And while the article says that Mamdouh Quenawy invited ElBaradei to join the Constitutional Party that Quenawy belongs to, all the other opposition figures in the article were not in favor of ElBaradei.

    As for using the term "constitutional coop" in the Ahram article, I remember that the same term was used by government-friendly newspapers in Egypt to describe the constitutional amendments that Mubarak encouraged and agreed to in the last few years, so I do not believe that the term is being used as an attack on El-Baradei, but only as a way to describe the scope of those changes that ElBaradei suggests.

  2. @anonymous,my dear I said like Al Ahram and Al Ahram Al Massai but not Al Ahram and Al Massai , you only have to read Al Gomhouria today to know what I mean that the official press is ready to accuse him by treason
    Strangely those so-called opposition leaders also downed the Haikel suggestion of having a council to supervise on a new constitution for the country
    For God sake those parties are shadow puppet parties.
    I have to disagree regarding the last part,did you read Osama Saraya today ??
    you should watch this from the BBC and strangely I did not watch today

  3. Great post Zeinobia!
    I hope you don't mind that I have linked to it from my blog. You just saved a lot of time by saying what exactly I wanted to say.

  4. I agreed 100% with Mr. ElBaradei conditions to run for the Presidency of Egypt. He is 100% right and he loves Egypt very much. If he was chosen to be the next President of Egypt it will be a new era for Egypt for the better.

  5. yes he has one passport but spent most of his life outside egypt! from getting his law phd from NYU in the mid 70's to living in europe today! gamal knows our people and their problems baradei is not really one of the people!

  6. I don't dare questioning his good intentions, however, he has no program, no strategy and no support neither in politics nor from the establishment.

    Just noble ideas don't help us.

  7. ahmed NY

    "Gamal knows our people and their problems"
    Can't stop laughing!

  8. glad you find humor in something, but one cannot laugh at the marked improvement in our private sector in the past 10 years. we actually have a stock market and an index that is respected. gamal's work in the background with his father has made egyptian companies into multinationals thanks to his ingenious and aggressive economic reform!

  9. Actually, Zeinobia, none of the articles you mentioned talk about ElBaradei as a "traitor" or a "foreign agent".

  10. @last Anon,

    that genious he sold the biggest Egyptian iron factory to Ahmed Ezz for pennies and Ahmed Ezz break even in less than one year and monopolized the whole Egyptian market! all Egyptian factories have been sold to all his good buddies for little nothing and ask Atef Abei former Prime Minister for selling Egyptian factories wholesales with Gamal Mubarak approval!

    Ask also what ingenious Gamal Mubarak do with all those crook who ran away with billions of Egyptian banks money in London!

    Ask also the ingenious Mubarak about Egyptian people selling their kidney just to buy food to live!

  11. Anonymous

    Last 10 years?? are you referring to the Atef Ebeid years??? Economically, these were the worst 5 years in Egypt's history. Regarding the past 5 years, I can't deny that Nazif's government has done some good econimcal reforms but that wasn't supported at all by any political reform. You know why? because Gamal Mubarak, exactly like his father doesn't believe in democracy. He believes that by just fixing the stock market and turning Egyptian companies into multinationals, we are all gonna be happy. It seems that it has worked with some of us though coz it seems that you don't really care if you have a say in the future of that country. It seems that you don't really care if your vote is taking into consideration. It seems that you don't really care if you are treated as a human being in this country. Some economical reforms were more than enough for you. WE TAB3AN ELI NA3RAFOU A7SAN MEN ELI MANA3RAFOUSH!

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