Monday, December 14, 2009

To Our Embassy in Damascus

This is for our embassy in Damascus , I know that our Embassies are made abroad for other proposes than to stand with Egyptians in trouble but this is too much. Syria News published a story of an Egyptian lady living in Syria after being divorced for not having Children. This lady Mrs. Mahasan has lost her sight and she also lost  contact with her family in Egypt , she did not receive any thing from them for the last 15 years. After her divorce she worked in hotels and houses as a cleaning lady before of course losing her sight. She lives alone in total poverty in mount Qasioun.

Mahasan is a very poor lady who seemed to be from the unfortunate uneducated class in Egypt who find a goods opportunity  in a foreign husband to their daughters regardless of what their daughters can meet in the future.

Mahasan needs a doctor and a ticket to Egypt where she can find her family.

Shall dare and ask about our honorable embassy in Damascus !!?? I hope  that Mrs. Mahasan did not go there knocking on their door and they do not know about her except from an online report . I really thank the Syrians for their generosity and kindness but where is our Embassy !!??

I think it will not cost the Ambassador or the embassy couple of thousands of pounds not even dollars to help this poor lady who is an Egyptian citizen they must serve regardless of the fact she used to clean houses !!

Believe me I know some of you will come and say what about the rest of Egyptians suffering inside Egypt and I will tell you that I even feel more angry for them but I just hope to help this lady in a way or another.


  1. Z, if you know of any way to donate to this lady please post it and thank you for publishing her story.

  2. Probably with her lack of means, education and resources, she didn't make it to the embassy and they have no information about her. Yet, I hope they'll take action now. They are in fact obliged to send her back home, although I'm not sure she'll be taken care of there with her family's whereabouts being a mystery.


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