Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Is The Matter With The Lebanese Embassy in Cairo ??

Two blogger friends who are going to Beirut to attend the Arab bloggers summit there were denied a visa from the Lebanese Embassy yesterday, the reason was more than strange : They are dangerous on the Lebanese national security !!??

And before you mind takes you to believe that our bloggers are really dangerous on the Lebanese national security as they are dangerous on the Egyptian national security ; many Egyptians in the past two weeks have denied a visa for this reason  too !!

Since when have the Egyptians become a danger on the Lebanese national security !!???

Is there some kind of secret diplomatic crisis between Cairo and Beirut ?? Have we denied a visa from some Lebanese VIP and the Lebanese ministry of foreign affairs is firing back ??

Does this have to with the alleged Hezbollah cell case in our courts ??

For God sake there are some Lebanese who are more dangerous on the Lebanese national security than the Egyptians and they are currently members in their parliament !!

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