Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where is Alaa Mubarak ???

Where is Alaa Mubarak ?? It has been about a week and more since we have heard his voice through live shows and we have not our rights back !! Or he was only angry when he saw that cover of October magazine one !!??

Is his brother jealous from him that he achieved what he failed in achieving in a decade from winning the minds and hearts of people !!??

I heard that Gamal Mubarak tried to imitate his brother and called Ibrahim Hegazy sports live show on Nile sports but nobody cared !!?? Gamal Mubarak should understand that he has not this charisma , this is something gifted by God , it is out of his hands!!??

I just want to know what does Mr. Alaa Mubarak think while his father’s regime is trying to make us forget the matter ??!!??

I respect the sincere intentions of Alaa Mubarak but I believe he was used to calm down the public‘s anger.


  1. I personaly felt The Alaa wasn't in good condition while he made those calls, I noticed he kept repeating his words several times. We are emotional nation for sure that easily move by emotions than logic. But I totally agree with you that Gamal doesn't have any Charisma.

    Alaa is a nice citizen I believe.
    Gamal is nice daddy's boy.

  2. "but I believe he [Alaa Mubarak] was used to calm down the public‘s anger."
    good joke indeed


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