Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Council On Foreign Relations Worried About Egypt

For conspiracy theorists the council on foreign relations "CPR" is from the most dangerous organizations in the world that seek world domination and implementing the new world order. This conspiracy comes from the fact that this huge and old think tank include big names in the world of politics and economics alike making it like some sort of more open freemason club to those theorists.

When this council issues a report about the future of Egypt after Mubarak , it is important to read that report and discuss it. Its importance does not come only from the fact it is published by "CPR" but from the fact it includes suggestions on how the States would act in different scenarios. This report shows how the President Egypt should be granted the American approval Dr. El-Faky used wrong wording to describe.

The council issued in last August a report with the title "Political instability in Egypt , CPA contingency planning". Steven A.Cook has prepared this 8 pages reports.Cook is discussing two scenario and how to prevent or to deal with them from his point view, these two scenarios are : Military coup and Islamic revolution. There is more fear from an Islamic revolution than from military intervention.

Here is the report which I recommend everyone to read till the end carefully in a full screen mode.

Political instability in Egypt -


  1. Fascinating feedback Zenobia - and you are spot on! In fact if you Google: "council on foreign relations 'CPR'", you will note at least 3 results supportive of the assertion that CPR has ulterior motives, other then pure scholarship or foreign policy research:
    1. Your own commentary comes up first! (I'm assuming that this is normal - Google "Most recent date" meta-tagging", versus Google being "evil" and performing an "Open Source" expose)
    2. Take a look at some of the reviewer names and backgrounds.
    3. Take a look at some of the award winners, and their backgrounds, as well as the sponsoring companies.
    Keep up the great "blogging" - yours is the best Egypt blog there is.

  2. Thank you anonymous so much for you encouraging words :)
    The CPR for sure is not that innocent like they claim ,it is enough to read this report and understand this.

  3. Your comments are quite funny... this organization is stating the obvious, the types of things that Egyptians say everyday to each other, but which is rarely spoken of by governments or large organizations. Does being direct and upfront mean you have alterior motives?! Would you prefer they state the official line of every country: "Egypt has laws and a constitution which will be followed when it is time..."

  4. The second anonymous is absolutely correct. The CPR gives the alternatives and the consequences.


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