Monday, February 1, 2010

The Mubaraks in CAN 2010 Finals

I believe that the photos of the Mubarak brothers should have its own post. As I hinted before the brothers went to Angola to watch the final match between Egypt and Ghana. Some people will see it as political publicity stunt , others knowing how crazy the brothers about football.
I feared that the misfortune we met in Sudan would follow us especially the brothers were there too but I was wrong , it has nothing to do with them.
Here are the photos , already I had some of them during the match itself.
The Mubaraks in Angola In the first half , look to the bodyguards behind him who are watching the game just like them.
Gamal the photographer
Gamal really loves big cameras.
Now to the big moment of the game
The Goal is coming
Over joy
The Mubaraks happy for our goal
I am searching already for the videos of the TV shows they spoke on air as I have been told that Gamal has cried in one of the shows !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They also appeared in Al Hayat Channel coverage live from Angola with the Players. Insh Allah I will search and post these videos. They looked so sweaty because of the high humidity there. By the way these guys must get some tan , it is good to stay in the sun for awhile.

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  1. I wish they realize we dont want to see them in the frame, this is between us the ppl and our team and I hated how so many officials called into Adeebs show, to actors, officials and the likes who always find the way to exploit this for themselves, LEAVE US ALONE, let us celebrate with the team that did his best for us not you.


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