Monday, January 11, 2010

Gamal In Paris And Ibrahim Soliman Has Disappeared

Gamal Mubarak has met President Sarkozy in Paris last Friday during the Financial Crisis forum “New World , New Capitalism” in Paris. Of course when I read this news I wondered if Gamal gave couple of advices to Sarko and his son. Gamal spoke in one of the seminars about his vision .. blah blah blah “Scroll down to see his picture” and you can see him speaking in Video “Table round No.3

I will not comment on why he was there among the speakers sharing his so-called experience and vision which we all know very well ; for sure he hearts capitalism more than anything , all his buddies in the NDP are from the ugly types of capitalistic businessmen from tycoons who do not give a damn for the rest of the people.

Anyhow Gamal Mubarak was in Paris when Ibrahim Soliman , the former minister of housing , the current CEO of oil services public sector company and the NDPian MP has suddenly disappeared. The former professor of civil engineering is being accused of corruption and is demanded for interrogation officially as there are recent documents and evidences that can send him to jail for good. Just like Hani Sorror , only his lawyers are speaking where as he is not there. The respectable MP just like Hani Sorror does not respect the law ; well if he had respected the law , he would not have used his position for his own interest and huge fortune.

You know Gamal Mubarak is the best speaker to speak in “Corrupted World, Rotten Capitalism” along with Ahmed Ezz, Ibrahim Soliman,Hani Sorror,Mamdouh Ismail and the rest of the Policies committee gang.

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  1. I've seen the video and what kind of a capitalist Gamal is? I can see any match ...


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