Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti ; The Curse of The Devil

Pat Robertson returned again to make headlines unfortunately with his views about Haiti’s earthquake in his Christian Broadcast network’s the 700 club, he believes that the Pact with devil in the 18th century led to Haiti’s independence and also destruction for disobeying God. It does not surprise me that he misinterprets the history of the Haitian revolution and how he believes that the leader of revolution who was a voodoo priest is the reason why thousands if not millions have been killed after two centuries in a divesting earthquake  not to mention its misfortune and poverty.
I do not think that voodoo was the only thing that made this small country suffer or become the second poorest country in the world , the devil of politics had a big role in how this nation suffer terribly now. For years Haiti had suffered thanks to world powers especially the United States and France and from coups and dictatorships that brought nothing except misery to the tiny nation which was from the first countries in Latin America to be free and independent.
Now the world is helping Haiti but why it did not help this country before , before 80% of its population become under the poverty line eating mud pies !!
Anyhow regarding the Jordanian Peace keeping forces , only 4 has passed away May Allah bless their souls , where as the rest 24 are being injured. The ministry of defense in Egypt has announced that Egyptians working in the Peace keeping forces there are alive thank God.
Here are more photos from the Port Du Prince which should be renamed to Port Du Morts !!! 

This seems more than 50,000 death toll the Red cross has announced earlier.
I want to say something to the Arab countries especially in the Gulf Haiti is a faraway country indeed but it won’t harm if we help them with any possible way we can , there is a Muslim community in Haiti that is old as the country and for sure now they need our help just like the rest of the people . Even if there is not a Muslim community there , we should help them in any possible way ever.
The Islamic relief is joining forces with international organization to help this nation in its crisis . You can also help Haiti through SMS if you are in the States
You can help Haiti through doctors without borders :
Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti


  1. It's great that you are highlighting this in the Middle East. I have asked my hubby (yesterday) why I do not see the Muslim community reaching out in this time.

    He reminded me of how the Palestinians have been treated by the Arab countries, so he is not surprised.


  2. @ Said: Islamic relif is gathering donations and we do not know who else is sending aid there. Its a preferred custom in MENA for ppl not to announce their donations. Having said that, I hope more announced aid comes out from MENA, especially from GCC countries. Also, same allegations were said about Tsunami only to discover that several GCC countries were sending aid, but were just not as hungry for the cameras as their Western counterparts

    No offense but I'm afraid your hubby is saying none sense. Most of the donations in MENA go to Palestinians even though btw many Palestinians live abroad and they have a bunch of filthy rich ones who do not seem to be giving any thing back or trying to buy out lands in Israel for example. Compare their position to that of rich Jews who believe in the Zionist project and send annual donations and buy out lands in Israel. Also, Im not sure what he meant by mistreating them, they were given special treatment in gov jobs in Egypt (dnt knw if that is still on), they will be given some rights in the new Egyptian organ transplant law currently according to the draft law, they are hosted by several Arab countries, they rule the business community in Jordan and theyve been so welcomed in GCC up until Arafat decided to side w Saddam in invading Kuwait and even that is now forgotten. Your hubby should also tell you the full story of how some palestinians try to control their host country and that of course does not appeal to the ppl of that country look at what happened in Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, etc. So, other Arab countries arent angels for sure but also not all the palestinians are angels as well and many of them chose to forget about their own cause as long as donation money and foreign passports can be secured.


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