Saturday, February 13, 2010

Follow Up : Ministry Of Agriculture To Al Walid : Use Your Land Or …

First things first , Kamal Ganzouri has spoken about the Toshka land given to Al Walid. The former prime minister refused to be the scapegoat as Al Walid bought this land during his cabinet. Ganzouri revealed that the Toshka reclamation contract of Al Walid was not reviewed by the cabinet to see if it was legal or not because during then because it was from the Toshka contracts were from the minister of agriculture's duties then.
Who was the minister of agriculture then !!??
Dr. Youssef Wali
Where is Dr. Youssef Wali now to defend himself !!??
Nobody knows except may be the N.Koreans !! Seriously this man seems to have huge skeletons not in a closet but skeletons in a banker !!
Regardless of what Ganzouri says , I do not think that even if he and the rest of the cabinet knew about this contract and conditions that they would dare and refuse it.
Now moving to the current minister of agriculture who had to act quickly in front of the public fury over this scandal , Amin Abaza announced that there are new negotiations with Al Walid regarding the land. Al Walid has 3 options only on the table to choose from :
1// to reclaim all the land he owns in Toshka.
2// To enter a joint venture with a local company or another company in order to speed up the reclamation process.
3// To return back part of the land he has and did not use.
Strangely we haven't heard from Al Walid's side anything up till now. Of course the government is too soft on him because it knew all about him and the land since last century and yet it did not give a damn until press began to speak about the matter.

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