Monday, February 8, 2010

We Need To Read Camp David More Thoroughtly

It is already in my to-do list which I do not know when I will do , still it is important to me and to all Egyptians to read by ourselves what is in the camp David accords in order to know what is reality from myth regarding this peace agreement with Israel.
Now I would like you to read this article of Ruthfully Yours : SYRIA AND EGYPT: MORE DANGEROUS FOR ISRAEL THAN IRAN? | RUTHFULLY YOURS. I know it is full of Christian Zionist crap from the beginning till the ending and its historical accuracy is zero still what is mentioned by Jan Willem Van der Hoeven regarding the articles of Camp David accords concerning Egypt's position from any future Israeli -other Arab country future war is indeed interesting. I know many people and experts in Egypt have analyzed the accords still it is good to see from the other side's point of view.
Ironically I was asking myself what we are going to do if Israel attacks Syria , already this is not Gaza nor South Lebanon , this is SYRIA with which we have a very old defensive pact and Egyptians will not stand still like that especially there is growing unrest in the country.
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  1. I havent read the posted links, but I would like to remind you that Syria was attacked indeed in 2007: Operation Orchard. Israeli air forces destroyed a site they suspected. What did we do? The answer is nothing.

    I hope that our country will wake up and see that the world has changed. We should analyze 2 countries: Iran and Turkey.

  2. The LAST thing we need, is going to war ...


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