Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Breaking News : RIP Sayyid Tantawy

It has just announced from few minutes ago that Sheikh Sayyid Tantawy of Al Azhar has passed away in KSA. Late Tantawy died after a heart attack. He was there to receive an award.
 May Allah bless his soul.
We have disagreed a lot with the late Sheikh yet we can't deny that from the theological point of view he made a great work.
There is no doubt that politics harmed the late Sheikh still it does not matter because he is in the hands of God right now and God has other calculations than us.
May Allah bless his soul.
Sheikh Tantawy will be buried in Saudi Arabia at ِAl-Baqi' which is considered like a holy cemetery for Muslims


  1. اللة جاب اللة خد اللة علية العوض

  2. I'm glad that racist terrorist is dead. Good riddens. Should have happened long time ago.


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