Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei To The West : It Is Either Democracy Or Extremism

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei had a very interesting interview in the Guardian today with dear Jack Shenker. Dr. ElBaradei is speaking to the West but the question is : Will the West listen to him and support real democratic reforms !!??
What ElBaradei has said in the Guardian has been said and repeated over from inside and outside the Arab region but no one listens in the west because democracy will not be in the best interest of western corporations nor the western regimes like what happened in Iran in 1950s. 
I believe the West knows very well how the Mubarak regime is using a pseudo enemy to earn its support and justify its dictatorship.
Anyhow what Mohamed ElBaradei needs is the full support of the Egyptian people , this will be enough for him. 
The only thing negative in the interview is the photo used.
Updated : 
Here is the full interview and its script at Shenker's blog , it is highly recommended


  1. The west supports Mubarak, the west is to blame.
    The west doesn't support Khamenei, the west is to blame.

    Indeed, new approach is required.

  2. It could also be democracy AND extremism, if the majority of the people support extremism. Hamas is a good example.

  3. @Anon: Hamas is no more of an extremist than most Israeli governments so get over it. When Israelis elected Sharon we all had to deal with him even though he is accused of war crimes against Egyptians. When the Americans elected dummy Bush twice the entire World had to deal with him despite his stupidity. The Palestinians choose Hamas bec they were fed up with corruption by Fath and bec the peace process was a clear illusion in reality. instead of blaming them blame those who turned the peace process to a sham and made us in MENA realize the hypocritical attitude the West has as far as democracy and the choice of MENA ppl are concerned in general and Muslims in particular.


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