Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stop This Rumors Mill Now !!

There are dangerous rumors circulating at this moment around the world saying that Mubarak has passed away. Some are saying that the news has been aired on the Russian TV and Anas El-Faky has denied the news. Of course I can't find anything in the RT official website but rather in its Arabic forum. Strangely when I traced this news I found it coming from another Arab Israeli website called , already the rumor is just like fire currently in forums.

Another rumor circulating that he died clinically which in our religion does not consider a full death. I also heard about that he was transferred from Heidelberg hospital to other hospital as he is in a very bad shape with no strength. Egyptian and Regional Twitterville are going crazy about this rumor at this time I am writing down despite the fact that the 6 o'clock news has just declared that Mubarak's health is improving.

Still this is not enough to stop these rumors by some statement with no video evidence , if there is no video showing him alive in a very short time the rumor will continue to circulate. This time we do not have photos from him in his pajamas talking on the phone.

I do not wish the death of anybody , I just care for this county and we do not have any vice president !!

Please if there are any journalist or blogger from Germany can tell us any leak from there , it would be great.

Updated : Egyptoz blogger is currently in Germany and he has visited Heidelberg hospital this morning where he found that he is still alive so everybody chill out.


  1. Too bad he is still alive.

  2. @ Anon, disagree w the man but its really low to wish him dead.
    @Z: If he passed away no way the int media would be in the hush hush along with foreign govs.

  3. thats what we used to get from the egyptian @transperacy@ if they used to tell the truth always, there wouldnt be no place for rumors,i dont believe that the int'l news would cover on such news giving a hand to the egyptian media.


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