Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You Said The Same Shit Before Amora !!

I can’t stop remembering that this is Amr Adeeb who attacked Qatar, Algeria and the Palestinians vulgarly from a year ago !!!?? With my all respect Adeeb used to repeat the same shit Ezz said from three days in the Parliament from couple of years ago !!??
Amr Adeeb is just a vent used by the regime to calm down the people’s anger , it is very old technique and has been used over and over , the regime does something bad and then someone like Adeeb will come and scream to absorb people’s anger and disgust.
We need really an Egyptian Jon Stewart and his Daily Show team to expose the amount of contradictions and hypocrisy in our media


  1. Sudanese Observer3/24/2010 01:53:00 PM

    Why do you keep missing out Sudan.
    Amr Adeeb was the source of a diplomatic row in light of Egypt's loss in the deciding match in Khartoum due to his insults and attacks on Sudan and the Sudanese.
    The row had to be resolved by the dispatch of the Egyptian Foreign and Intelligence Ministers and Adeeb still refuses to take any calls from Sudanese journalists and has still not apologised.

  2. I was respecting this man before..but lately, I discovered his ugly face..sigh!


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