Thursday, April 15, 2010

Corruption in Egypt Simplified : The Fruits of Mubarak's peaceful era

This is the second part of Ahmed Mansour's Without limits special episode about Corruption in Egypt. This time Dr. Farid said stuff most Egyptians ignore from numbers and facts. You can watch the first part here
There are some certain facts he mentioned like how President Mubarak did not perform his duties as the President of the Egyptian State lying under the oath and thus committing a constitutional crimes , also we know by name those businessmen who bought land for nearly nothing thanks to Ibrahim Soliman including the President's in-law Magdy Rasakh of Sodic !!
After watching Dr. Abdel Khalak , one can only wonder about these fruits Egyptians and Egypt enjoyed during the Mubarak's peaceful stable era !!??
Despite the land and human losses are priceless still I believe what have been stolen in the Mubarak's era from public money is more than we have lost from money "not from land or human losses" at all the wars we had had in the 20th century !!
Mubarak had an opportunity to make from this a great nation , a real great power but he failed and this is why he and his regime should not continue. What had done in the last 30 years does not grant anyone from Mubarak's regime a safe exist , not anymore.
A side note : These technical problems during the live broadcast on the Nile sat were very interesting !!


  1. This needs to be translated into English. Corruption [in Egypt] for Dummies. Do you know anyone who can translate it?

  2. Thank you for posting the show. First time to hear of Dr Abdul Khalak. Very interesting and intelligent man. What a lot of is truly mind boggling to think of people taking so much money for much does one person need? And how can they enjoy "their wealth" when so many people in their midst have so little? Pretty sure most of this money is safely tucked away in another country...Thanks again for the post.

  3. Growing up in Egypt in the 1950's, I came to realize that the average Egyptian civil servant, businessman, etc. woke up in the morning thinking "WHO SHALL I SCREW TODAY".
    This interview is old stuff, all he has done is explained Egypt's corruption in a scientific manner.


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