Friday, April 9, 2010

Corruption In Egypt Simplified

Ahmed Mansour discussed the problem of corruption in Egypt last Wednesday in his live show on Al Jazeera Channel. Unfortunately I did not watch it live but I heard that Al Jazeera cut it suddenly !!!

The guest in this important episode was Dr.Abdel Khalak Farouk who explained corruption in Egypt in a simplified way for all those who do not know what is really happening in the valley of the Nile. This episode is not for Egyptians , we know this and more in our country.  Dr. Abdel Khalak is an economic researcher who will wow and depress anyone with the amount of information and numbers he knows regarding corruption in Egypt !!

Here is the episode , you can watch it below. It is the first part of the corruption special Mansour is going to present its second part next week insh Allah

No Limits : Corruption in Egypt

By the way whose in-law Dr.Abdel Khalak was speaking about !!?? I thought these in-laws are interested in construction only !!


  1. They didn't cut it suddenly. Just the 45 mins allocated for the program were reached. The second part will be aired next week isa

  2. I salute your work for a better future
    best wishes from saudi arabia

  3. I'll share it on my blog if you don't mind !
    I was also going to write a post commenting on what elmasry el-youm published yesterday about how the egyptian gov. stole the money of social security... it's hilarious begad ...


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