Friday, April 9, 2010

Even Kuwait Is Against Change in Egypt !!

Tarek Tharwat ,t he coordinator of the National front change campaign in Kuwait has been arrested there earlier today along with two other campaigners on the eve of launching the campaign there. There are hundreds of thousands Egyptian living there who can restore back their basic right of voting if they think the statement of the front.
Now I do not understand why he was arrested !!?? We need a proper explanation , are foreign community banned from practicing politics related to their home countries because if so then why are the Westerners in Kuwait vote in their elections !!!???
Does Kuwait consider this some kind of hostile activity against a friendly regime !!?? well the regime in Kuwait should re-think again because those who stood with the Kuwaiti people in their catastrophe during the invasion were the Egyptian people who sent their sons to the front to save their brothers , now it is time for the Kuwaiti people to stand with us in our great war against corruption and dictatorship. I do not regret standing with the Kuwaitis in their war , in fact I believe we did the right thing and this is why I hope the Kuwaitis re-think again
Kuwait has a considerable democratic life compared to other Gulf nations in the region , this would be a set back for them more than us.
More to updates to come insh Allah
Updated#1 :
  • Among the two other detainees : Mr. Mohamed Farag.
  • Photos of the detainees whom the Egyptian embassy will ignore for sure. 
The activists in Kuwait
The three activists 

  • The Kuwaiti authorities have confiscated the ElBaradei t-shirts those activists had to distribute in Kuwait !!! 


  1. You are talking about the soldiers who lost their lives to liberate the Kuwaiti land.. they don't give a shit about them.. it's the same stupid mentality.. they believe the one they should thank is Mubarak.. because he is the one who sent those soldiers.. and this is their way of thanking him!
    Haga Weskha!

  2. how come this has not been reported by any news agency till now?! I doubt the Kuwaiti authority will meddle, something very fishy is going on or they did not get proper permission for their activities

  3. Just a suggestion. There are two groups of Americans represented as expats for voting in the USA. One is Democrats Abroad. They actually have (depending on their numbers) representatives who get to go to the convention to vote for their (Democratic) presidential candidate. Perhaps, someone should start something like that for expat Egyptians. If anything, with enough members it would garner attention, and possibly be a respected representation. Again, just a suggestion.

  4. We as egyptipns should take this matter very serious where ever we are , we should support this movement of eradicating the curreption and it's people with what ever it takes even our blood if we have to.
    Because we don't want our kids to suffer what we have suffered.
    And if we failed to safe Egypt this time god knows if it could be safe again in our life time.
    Egypt it shuold be where it deserves and we will fight for it.


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