Sunday, April 11, 2010

“Wasla” Should Be Independent !!

“Wasla” Newspaper is making headlines as the first Arabic newspaper written by bloggers. It is a great move and addition to our Egyptian and Arabic press but as much as I happy with that “Link” yet I am not that happy that it is being funded by George Soros.

“Wasla” should be independent financially just like its blogger writers to avoid any criticism or accusation from anyone.


  1. Why don't you thank Soros for banding the Egyptian bloggers together? He's not Egyptian, yet he's doing the thankless job which no Egyptian wants or dares to do!

  2. @Abdu I wish I could but I fear that it does not worth being suspected of having secret agenda

  3. awwalan, this story about "George Soros" is coming only from the AFP and the news agencies that use it.. i haven't seen the story elsewhere, or at least not with the emphasis on the person of George Soros

    saaniyan, George's foundation website has no information on "Wasla" or any project related to arabic blogs, يبقى الحكاية كلها اشاعات


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