Saturday, May 29, 2010

1967 memories : the personal victories and defeats

the anniversary of the six days war is on doors and the usual Karbala actions of self crucifixion and blame will hit the Arab world from the Gulf to the ocean. It is frustrating when I look to it now as some Arab brothers are insisting on living the illusion that the IDF is the invincible army and that we can't restore our lost 1967 land whether through war or peace. In Egypt I believe we learnt our lesson very well as people and as an army too , we restore our land through war and peace thanks to the Yom Kippur war but still remember the defeat in 1967.

Anyhow aside of this introduction I want to share you the personal memories of Amira Nowaira at the Guardian's CIF. Nowaira is former chairperson of the department of English at Alexandria University and is currently professor of English literature in the same department. She wrote her personal memories as a teenage girl in June 1967 and what she wrote is exactly what my family used to tell me about how the people received the news of the defeat and how the people used to mock and even attack the army men return from the defeated front which had become the invaded front forcing the army to issue an order to bar its men from wearing uniforms for quite some time and forcing the defeated pharaoh Nasser to ask people to stop mocking their men.

The 1967 defeat according to the revolution generation was the breaking point in their way of thinking and their beliefs about the nation , it is undisputed truth according to all those I met , all those who woke up from a great dream some consider an illusion on a fearful reality and continued to live in it. That generation knew that dictatorship was what brought to us this huge horrible defeat and yet when the turn on this generation came to rule , it continued to support dictatorship leaving us a defeat that is even greater than a loss of land !!

And like every year this is just the start of our modern Karbala celebration !!

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