Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More To Surface

I did a quick interview with Wael Mmdouh , the brave journalist who dared and went to find real mass graves in the black zone of Sinai re-opening a sad Egyptian file the current Egyptian regime loves to close.

Mmdouh revealed very important information like for instance how off the record the Egyptian state is trying to absorb this case for fear it would overshadow our Egyptian-Israeli relations !!! 

He also spoke about his little adventure in Sinai and how he persuaded the locals to talk and to show him the mass graves with the bones. Mmdouh revealed that he could not work or speak after touching the bones of our POWs in that mass grave he visited.

He also promised more details to surface from video and photos soon in Dostor official website.

Insh Allah I will post more about this file which hopefully this time it won't be closed.

Anyhow in Israel the reaction is much louder than in Egypt , as in TV channels and newspapers there is a misleading campaign where the media is claiming that Dostor is lying !! Officially in Egypt nothing has happened , of course the regime set loose its media speakers to make it look worse as you will see in a separate post.


  1. This will turn out into super big fiasco .. you can count on it, it actually already is.

    "I did not upload more evidence because it would be uncomfortable"

    "Super white plaster-bones"

    "Totally idiotic story how Israelis put there land mines to cover graves!!"

    And Dostor attracts readers, because Egyptian loves antisemitism, ehmmm "antizionism".

  2. We never heard about the POWs issue except when they started to mention it on several occasions most famous of which is SHAQID .... I told you before their crime is just a consequence of ours.We killed them twice :once in 1967 and another is still ongoing.

  3. @John , Dostor does not need to attract readers because if you know it , you will know that it is from the top selling newspapers and do not need to attract more readers
    Second my dear please read these links :

  4. @Akher Ayam , you are speaking as if the government is using this to manipulate the people despite all the facts that say otherwise. The government wants this file to be closed forever
    I have been following this particular case since I start blogging and dedicated time to investigate it "I wish I have more" , it is not about "occasions" as you say it.
    It is not about the war , we took back our revenge in 1973 and our land through war and peace
    We do not kill the POWs again on the contrary our silence on their lost rights is the real crime
    Again do not make your hate for Nasser mislead you

  5. Dear ...

    when I wrote " We killed them twice :once in 1967 and another is still ongoing. " ..I meant by THEM our own POWs.We killed them by our carelessness in 1967 before Israel really killed them.Now,we are still killing them by our negligence.This is what I simply mean.It has nothing to do with Nasser although I still insist that he bears the basic responsibility for what happened as he had not been up to his role as a leader ,as a president ,who has to care about his army...not just ask Amer about it so the latter answers : (I am ready to loose my head if anything goes wrong) ...!!!!! برقبتى يا ريس

  6. Z: Ahaa the web is written by you! It explains everything :)

    Amazing proofs of people confirming massacres who are by serious media quoted as saying the exact opposite don't surprise me. But the thing when I really laughed was comment from Al-jazeera, hmmm ... you keep Leers' tradition in Egypt alive.


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