Friday, May 21, 2010

POW Hosni Mubarak

Most Egyptians do not know that their current President was captured as a POW in the Sand war in 1963 , in fact most of them do not that we were involved in that war between Morocco and Algeria which is still a barrier between the two countries' relations.

That unknown incident was brought up in the Egyptian media for the first time by Ibrahim Eissa who compared between Mubarak the officer and the president in a very daring Op-ed last year.

Now I do not need to study psychology to know that Mubarak as a human was affected by this experience regardless of how long he was captured in Morocco and naturally his views and decisions as an officer after this incident had been changed so I wonder why as a President he seemed to forgot this incident ; in fact why he has not mentioned it for once like his official media which is ignoring that incident for no good reason. I do not think it has to do with the Algerian-Egyptian relations or the Moroccan-Egyptian relations especially the later because the Moroccans do not find it embarrassing to mention it plus how can this incident affect our relations when it was different time !!??

In fact I do not think our mutual relations can be the reason because Mubarak boosts everyday on how he gave the Israelis lessons of their lives in 1973 and he has become a great friend to the Hebrew nation according to them !!??

Is it because a bad memory !!?? Well probably but it is not worse than the bad memory of jail time President Sadat faced twice in his life and kept speaking about them proudly !!?? Plus despite he may have taken wrong decisions as any commander or any person in war time , it was the mistake of the Egyptian regime then to involve in an Arab-Arab conflict in this way.

Is it because it could encourage more people to speak about our own prisoners of opinion in the country who we do not know exactly how many. People may address him as former POW who knows the meaning of detention and abuse and this is why he is keeping it quiet.

Captivity is not an insult to Mubarak , the officer nor the president because Mubarak must realize that he is in end a human.


  1. [quote]how can this incident affect our relations when it was different time !!?? [/quote]

    I am afraid the same goes for Israel at the very moment.

  2. I do not think so because we are speaking about War crimes here

  3. What do Palestinian war crimes have to do with Egypt, Zeinobia?

    (for the ignorant: these are all war crimes)


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