Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Al Jazeera And Its Anchorwomen

The news of the famous Al Jazeera anchorwomen mass resignation made headlines across the world. The West was puzzled on how 5 Al Jazeera top anchorwomen had to leave the channel due to modesty and appearance codes where as the Arab countries were happy to see trouble at the channel they  love to hate.

First of all I was shocked to know that 5 of the anchorwomen I got used to watch for years in Al Jazeera TV channel are going to leave in this way especially when it comes to their appearance , come on folks they are Al Jazeera newsreaders not Rotana Cinema Newsreader ; they do not even smile !! Certainty Al Jazeera is not that the oasis of democracy from inside , otherwise why many of the famous Al Jazeera's faces had left starting from Yousry Fouada and ending with Hussein Abdel Ghani.

Second it turned out that it has nothing to do with the dress code and appearance according to the 5 anchorwomen who resigned for other professional reasons and differences with the administration's views.

Now I understand the shock of the West that always regarded Al Jazeera as unique experience in the oppressive Middle East but I do not understand that childish joy especially in Egypt from the regime'sAl Jazeera and her anchorwomen side !! Yes we all know about that "I love to hate you" relationship between the Egyptian regime and Al Jazeera but I do not get how our regime gets that low and we find that irrelevant news to our Egyptian society in the first page of two official newspapers !!!!??

From couple of days ago when the mass resignation news hit the wire I found Al Akhbar and Al Gomhouria published the news in the first page at the same spot !!! Yes at the same spot as you can see.

How low and naïve this can be described !!??

By the way will Sami Kalib leave the channel along with his wife beautiful Luna Shelba ?!!


  1. i didnt know that hussein abd elghani left al jazeera. where to? and any news about the anchorwomen??

  2. @anonymous , I do not know where he has gone , regarding the anchorwomen I know that the 5 have resigned

  3. www.egyptiansociety1.blogspot.com


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