Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flotilla Follow Up : The Full Iara Lee's Footage

Iara Lee released yesterday 15 minutes from the footage she filmed on the Mavi Marmara on that bloody night and now she has released the full hour footage. The action will start in 36:05

You can see Haneen Zoubi , you can see MP Beltagy and Farouk, you can see Raed Saleh ,of course you see how they were all armed. They threw cans on the Israeli navy after the later started to shoot. They took the rods and slingshots , yes slingshots  and decided to defend themselves which I believe was and is their right. All what I can see men with rods and slingshots against army men with guns , big guns.

You can download the raw footage here.

By the way I am really amazed that those IDF soldiers were from the IDF fearless commandos , they were crying like little girls for God sake.

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