Saturday, June 26, 2010

Follow Up : Oil Spill In Hurghada

The ministry of oil is claiming that that the Oil is Hurghada is not caused by rigs but rather either from a passer tanker or seeped from the ground due to the heat !!??
Last week Mona El-Shazely hosted a group of experts to speak about the spill and I was not convinced by the representatives of the ministry of oil  nor the ministry of environment .Already we got a video showing the leak coming from an offshore platform 'Check the first video' . Of course the Pro-Oil expert needs to swim to a shore polluted with oil.

Petrogulf Misr oil company is the main suspect in the case despite the statements of the ministry , the company already has the closet offshore platform to the Hurghada shore. Petrogulf Misr was a joint partnership between the ministry of Oil and Kuwaiti International Investment group which is selling its share in the company.
May be it is matter of trust , may be it is the fact that the ministries of Oil and environment do not really react to the size of the environmental and economic disaster this spill regardless of how small it is has caused. We are speaking about a very sensitive eco-system , we are speaking about hundreds of reservations are cancelled whether locally and internationally.
We do not have to wait till having a real catastrophe like gulf of Mexico , this spill regardless from ship or from platform is like a wake up call , we should have some proactive system for any similar incident.


  1. "may have seeped from the ground due to a heat wave"

    They really said that! Unbelievable. They are stupid or they think the public is stupid.

    I like Mona El-Shazly. She was one of the first journalists to figure out Mohamed El Naschie was not the great scientist he pretended to be. She did a show with guest experts on nanotechnology and didn't invite El Naschie. He was angry about that, and complained about it in his daily "Egypt Tomorrow" column in Rosa Al-Youssef.

  2. El-Shazely is the best and she has a great team of editors and researchers so I bet they made a background checking on him
    She does not like Pro-regime like him
    Of course lately she is not our Mona but I assume there is too much pressure on her to maintain her political position
    El-Naschie needs to remember that he writes in Rosa , the most hated newspaper in the country , the most dishonest newspaper ...I can go till the morning

  3. @Jason: This is painful for me to say but in case you do not know already, yes a good percentage of our officials along with the regime think we, the public are stupid.
    If you understand Arabic you have to watch one of Amr Adeeb's Al Qahera Al Youm clips about the gas tanks problem and how the official was advising ppl to "heat" their home tanks bec since it was Winter the official claimed loads of gas is waisted in the tank and that is the real reason for the problem. So, of one person managed to get a source of heating to heat the tank probably it will blow up :D The man was hilarious and the sad thing is he was dead serious

  4. Diamond Offshore announced Friday that its Ocean Endeavor drilling rig will leave the Gulf of Mexico and move to Egyptian waters immediately — making it the first to abandon the United States in the wake of the BP oil spill and a ban on deep-water drilling.


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