Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Dr.ElBaradei

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei celebrated his birthday yesterday among Egyptian youth from his youth and without doubt from a year ago or even from a month ago he did not imagine he would be celebrating his 68th birthday with a group of Egyptian youth who look to him as a symbol of change in the country of the pharaohs.

It was planned that Dr. ElBaradei would visit Alexandria on Friday to have a meeting with his supporters at a hall that was reserved for this propose. Last Thursday unsurprisingly the security forces cancelled that reservation with no reason , of course I may find someone speaking about the illegal political gathering in our situation {oh yes Egyptians more than 4 can’t gather officially to discuss politics independently or in the street}

According to those who attended the event from his supporters he gave them a lot of hope to continue rallying for his call for change despite the latest criticism he has faced due to his constant travel. A discussion happened between the 6th April youth and ElBaradei in a very civilized way unlike what the official media is trying to portray.

I found those couple of photos at the official ElBaradei 2011 facebook group showing ElBaradei with his birthday cake and MRS. Ekram Youssef who was generous enough to host that meeting.

Photo Courtesy: Mahmoud Adel

Dr. ElBaradei is going to visit Alexandria as announced next Friday insh Allah and he is going to meet with Khalid Said’s family.


  1. Nice, last week i celebrated my birthday in the prison cell, my comrades offered me a cigarette to blow out :)
    I hope he made my very same wish yesterday.
    In this case, i will wait him next Friday to see if he is serious about making it true, or just like me.

  2. If the emergency law was amended doesnt that mean that the ban on gatherings of more than 5 persons has been lifted and the original freedom to gather has been restored?!!!


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