Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Khalid Said Is Killed Again

The final autopsy report of Khalid Said which was issued by an independent panel of autopsy experts has been announced.
Shockingly it confirms the first report issued by the ministry of interior : Khalid Said died of asphyxia after swallowing a packet of pot !!

Already no one as far as I could see whether online or offline believes this report , it is disgusting because scientifically it is impossible for a human being to stay alive for 35 minutes after swallowing a 7 cm "cannabis" packet that causes asphyxia !! It is impossible that these injuries in his face and body were not deadly or torture or abuse injuries but rather the injuries that happened
According to the report his stomach had traces of hashish and Tramadol, ok where are the hell "cannabis" trace !!?? Not to mention if he had traces of hashish and Tramadol  , should not be he high !!?? A high person will be weak and will not resist those agents.
Where are those witnesses who saw him beaten to death by those agents !!??
Veteran forensics experts do not believe neither the first autopsy report or the second report .
FYI the first autopsy report includes not less than 12 medical mistake.
People have been angry up till since the announcement of the second autopsy. I fear this anger may not be peaceful anymore. Khalid's family is planning to escalate the matter especially many doctors and veteran autopsy doctors are ready to help them. Both Khalid brothers work and live in the States as US citizens.
Visiting Khalid's tomb
I was planning to write a post about Khalid with new details about his case , according to a news report that was allegedly banned from publishing at Al Fagr newspaper, Khalid got that video through hacking and that the American embassy had to interfere in order to stop the threats of MOI to Said's family. I do not know if the details in that report were true but I will not be surprised .
I do not know what is going to happen next , people are angry , very angry. Ayman Nour has visited the tomb of Khalid Said today and next Friday ElBaradei will visit his family and will hold a silence sit in.

This will be his first time he participates or even holds an event like that in public since his return to Egypt. Mrs. ElBaradei will also participate in this sit in for the first time. The sit in will be in front of Sidi Gaber mosque next the 25th of June at 2PM. By the way Nour will participate in this sit too.
There is a set of rules for ElBaradei supporters hopefully they will not : No anti-regime slogans , no pro-ElBaradei slogans and no ElBaradei T-shirts. It is either black or white T-shirt.
I think next Friday Alex will be on fire.


  1. Have you seen this ???

  2. Appalling. Clearly a murder and cover-up. There is no news about this in the US. I guess that won't surprise you.

  3. @Jason: I live in the US and your average American does not give a hoot to world news let alone Egypt. Their primary concerns are focused on low taxes,money, jobs,sports and material goods!
    Their concept of Egypt is based on what Hollywood dished out over the years(King Tut, The Mummy,Raiders of the Lost Arc, etc)

  4. @Akher Ayam , yes I have read it but let's discuss other time because I will biased now.

    @Jason ,Mubarak is an ally to the States , you will not know about his regime crimes as long as he is a faithful ally

    @anonymous , what you said is true but forget the Americans knew about Nada Sultan and even HBO has produced a documentary about her

  5. @Jason: I believe there were some articles in major US papers about this. Liek Z said only when Mubarak is gone, the West will start reporting on the crimes of their once so dear friend. What a shame bec things could be much better for every body if Egypt was in a better condition

  6. @anonymous Mubarak will be just like the Shah , when he falls , all the scandals of his regime will be remembered by the world.


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