Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mr.Egypt Does Not Represent Egypt

I do not like beauty pageants in general and I love Men to be men , so you probably do not need to elaborate how I feel when I see the MR. World beauty pageants.

Mr. World 2010- Egypt

I will not say anything except that this young man looks dumb , really dumb. Of course I can't expect high I.Q from a person who accepts to participate in this pageants.

This video is circulating in the Egyptian Facebook universe where most people comment in the usual Egyptian homophobic way. Again despite my own personal views about Abdel Hakim Amar yet I respect the decision he took to send all those young men who participated in beauty contest held by one of the social magazine then to the army service.

By the way who is this guy ?? and why we did not hear anything about Mr. Egypt 2010 in the media in general !!?? I know after the controversy of Miss Egypt in 2007 Mr.El-Sibhay has disappeared and so I am just wondering on how he organizes the Mr. Egypt event and attracts contestants like the champ above !!??

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