Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Is The President Human Like Us !!??

Is the president of Egypt a human like us ??  Does he make mistakes like us !!?

A question I bet any Egyptian will ask himself after reading any Op-ed in any official publication which praises and has always praised our president since the days of Nasser.

I was born in time of Mubarak but I have read features from time of Nasser and Sadat and I know that this huge glorification of our rulers is just an old heritage we have inherited from great ancestors , the ancient Egyptians and how sad we have not inherited anything from them except this.

I will speak about my experience during the Mubarak era. Since I began to read newspapers and watch the news on TV , Mubarak has not ever done a mistake or confessed that he made a mistake ; he is the wise man of the East , he is the fighter who won the war , he is the peacemaker …etc till the end of all the ancient Egyptian heritage of idolizing the ruler of this country.

Mubarak is human , in fact Mubarak , the human is always highlighted by the regime's media in order to show how kind he is , well humans do mistakes and so what are the mistakes Mubarak has done up till now !!?? According to the official media and writers like Abdullah Kamel none despite he is a human surrounded by humans who can make mistakes so easily !! 

According to the official media in the past 30 years he has not made mistakes even thought he and his advisors made wrong decisions in those decades. He has chosen ministers who sent Egypt back to the 18th century with their corruption and wrong decisions yet no one dares to say that they were his choice.

I know it is hard for any third world ruler to admit his mistakes but this question has just came in to my mind and it has nothing to do with the famous 9th of June 1967 speech of Nasser from near or far.

I am sure about is that the first people who will attack Mubarak after the end of his rule are the first people who are idolizing him right now.

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  1. May Allah prolong the life of our human, kind and wise president


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