Thursday, June 10, 2010

NDP Tweets baby

As a progressive ruling party and according to the famous principal " If you can't beat them , join them" , the NDP has joined Twitter in order to communicate better with the NDP members and the world !!
Of course there are NDP tweeps in the Egyptian twitterville like for instance Abdullah Kamel who does not lose hope of poisoning the Egyptian twitterville with his hypocrisy. There are other under covered NDP tweeps whom you can spot from their miserable tweets about the glorious NDP and the great Mubarak ..etc.
Joining the twitterville will not make the NDP popular nor it will conquer whom it considers as its enemies from internet activists but rather will expose its lies more and more internationally.
Graphic source : Rusu Eusebiu's crow at the social bird iconset

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  1. thanks for letting me know they are there -- finally I can take an offensive action -- blocked them :D


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