Egyptian Chronicles: We Need This Man Again

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We Need This Man Again

With all the movement in the political scene especially with the return of Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei to Egypt , one person I wonder where he is from all this : Judge Zakaria Abdel Aziz. MIDEAST EGYPT PROTESTS

Do You remember the respectable and honorable Judge Abdel Aziz who led the war of Judges against the regime from couple of years ago !!??

Do you remember how did the noble man turn the Judges' club in to the nation's house of the 20th century during his time !!??

Already this man was among the suggested candidates to run for presidency in Egypt if you remember it.

Judge Abdel Aziz has disappeared totally and vanished from the media after the end of his presidential term to the Judges' club  despite the fact the other judges who appeared with him in that critical area are still in the media and participate in public political events with their same anti-regime views like Judge Mahmoud El-Khadiry who has joined NFC , Judge Mikki and Judge Hisham El-Bastawsi.

Judge Abdel in a protest

I know someone who  knows judge Abdel Aziz personally and he told me about a very noble patriotic respectable man and this is why I feel that we need him in this critical time.

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  1. This man is a true patriotic Egyptian. When I saw him first time, I felt as if I had seen Ahmed Orabi. He is a model of virtue and honesty. If you look at his face, he has a typical Egyptian face :)
    Unfortunately I dont know what happened to him since I left egypt 3 years ago, but what I am sure of is that most of his friends left him alone.
    5 years ago, one of my best friends' father (a judge and Zakaria Abdel Aziz's friend and colleague) was literrally blackmailed if he didnt stop supporting him. It is easy, they just told him that his son (my friend) might not be recuited as a prosecutor. He had to make a choice, and he chose his son.

    I guess the regime did this with most of the judges that supported this hero. For example Hisham El-Bastawsi left Egypt 2 years ago, but his son (who is my friend) was recruited as prosecutor.

    So I guess the regime decided to put the judges aside the political scene (They dont manage the elections anymore ).


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