Friday, July 2, 2010

Blame It On Egypt

As expected and as it happened before the Israeli media is trying to defend itself in front of the world for what happened on Gaza freedom flotilla and the Gaza blockade by diverting the blame to Egypt thanks to the Egyptian regime.
While browsing on the internet , I found that ad

Interesting , is not it !!??
This paid Google ad is part of an advertising campaign by Israelis and Zionists to put the blame on us. The ad will take you to a Facebook page attacking Egypt and reminding the people of the free world that Egypt was the one that was closing its borders with Gaza.
Due to the Egyptian regime collaboration with the Israelis in the Gaza blockade , Egypt has become an accomplice in one of the worst blockade in the modern history.
I do not know what the Egyptian regime thinks of this campaign and the fact that we should expect this from the Israeli part but I think as people we must be more vocal against this aide and stop believing everything the regime says regarding Gaza and the Gazans . I am afraid what will put Sinai in danger is the Egyptian regime policies and its collaboration with the Israeli government.


  1. Israel and Egypt have cooperated in the blockade.Egypt fears Hamas and does not want responsibility for the Palestinians. Under international pressure, Egypt opened its border crossing with Gaza this month to more goods and people. But Egypt’s goal is to keep Hamas’ (Iranian and Muslim)militancy from spilling into Egypt and to ensure that Gaza remains Israel’s problem. At the same time, it has routinely turned a blind eye to a vast network of tunnels beneath the Gaza-Egypt border, through which food, arms, and even cars are smuggled, the latter dismantled in Egypt and transported underground in parts. There is millions of pounds being made by well connected Egyptian and Hamas officials. Israel bombed several tunnels during its invasion, but tunneling promptly resumed after Israel’s withdrawal. Gaza’s border with Egypt is once again like Swiss cheese and millions are being made while the Gaza Palestinians are being penalized for Hamas rule.

  2. "This paid Google ad is part of an advertising campaign by Israelis and Zionists to put the blame on us"

    What's the matter, don't like the taste of your own medicine?


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