Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kolana Khaled Said

I did not know about this very important website " Kolana Khaled Said" { We are all Khaled Said} except by accident as it is considerably new and has just been just launched from days ago.

It is unofficial website against torture made by the group behind Khaled's unofficial group in the Facebook in Egypt. The website considered Khaled as a symbol , any Egyptian can be in his shoes now just like what the website said in its about page : Khaled's death woke up many things in all of us. I love the Guy Fawkes mask , it symbolizes many thing.

The website includes instructions and info about the coming stand next 9th of July 2010 across the country. 21 governorates are listed to hold stands on the Nile and sea corniches "Cairo,Alexandria,Mansoura,Port Said, Gharbia, Asuit, Al Mania, Aswan, Damietta, Al-Bahira, Al Ismailia, Al Monfia, Al Fayoum ,Suez, Sohag, Kafr El-Sheikh,Qena , Qalyubia ,Marsa Matrouh,Sharkia and North Sinai " .

Gamal Mubarak has commented at last about Khaled Said's murder :

    Justice will prevail.

Well for the first time since very long time , I agree with him ; Justice indeed will prevail.

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  1. Junior Mubarak has had a flood of statements during the past few days. Im guessing he shows up in the media every time El Baradie is away, might be mistaken but thats wt I have noticed.
    So, will the idiot who switched Gamal's button on switch him off again, he is the last person ppl want to see or hear from unless the plan is to make ppl hate him even more.
    Also, funny how he talked about justice, while his friends ministers are accused of corruption and while until now we do not have the names of those involved in the Mercedes and German company brides.


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