Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Usual violence in Protests at Khaled Said’s Trial

It has become a usual scene to see clashes between protesters and the police forces in any opposition protest in Egypt , it has become a usual scene to see a brutal attack on the peaceful protesters from the police first and so it was not strange to see clashes started by the police forces in yesterday’s Khaled Said trail’s protests. Of course the clashes were between Khaled Said supporters and the police.
Ian Lee of The Daily News Egypt was there and made a nice comprehensive video report in English, you can watch it below.
Khaled Said's trial report in English
Speaking of media coverage , I watched the 5PM News on Ch.1 of the national TV and surprisingly the Khaled Said trial report was neutral !!! I was surprised too but actually it was professional and neutral , I do not know about 9PM News but I am speaking about 5 PM news.
Now very interesting fact about the pro-agents protest was that most of the protesters aside from the agents’ families left the court in anti-riots security vehicles in a very organized way  , the thing which means that those protesters are soldiers brought by the MOI to the court through these vehicles that are not used for transferring civilians last time we have checked !! Ironically nobody believed them in the first place and everyone knew that they were police soldiers !!
The two police agents looked to me confident , it seems that they got promises to hold on , still I think their defense will not make them innocent in the eyes of the public before the court by insisting on defaming late Khaled Said to describe him as a loser addict good nothing person and his brother who changed his name to Estevan  !! This is a public opinion case , the public has already incriminated those police agents based the testimonies of the evidence.
Holder in Cairo-AFP
US attorney general Eric Holder mentioned today Khaled Said’s case during the round-table discussion at the US Embassy in Cairo during his visit to the country. Holder hoped that an investigation into a case of police brutality in Egypt would be transparent and those responsible would be brought to justice.

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