Thursday, August 19, 2010

El-Rayan speaks After 23 years in Jail

I am from the generation who only knows Ahmed El-Rayan by name but in the same time know very well how his clients up till this day suffer so it was a great opportunity to see the man whose name entered our financial and social history speaking for the first time in TV.

Most if not all sources speak negatively about this man to the level that his family name has become the synonym of Ponzi schemer in Egypt , it has become a normal a thing to read the arrest of a new El-Rayan here or there now and then in our press. Indeed he left a mark just like Madoff in the States or even more ; the huge profits his companies used to make reaching to 25%  attracting people to leave banks and invest in his trade , his alleged Barka 'blessing' lists of officials he used to bribe , using Islam and the concept of Islamic economy and introducing the number "billion" to the Egyptian society for the first time not to mention his relations with the regime and his arrest; no wonder that he has been a media sensation up till now.

Despite all my differences with him , Amr Adib made a scoop when all other shows are either in holiday or discuss TV drama ; he scored the first ever televised interview with El-Rayan as soon as he got out of jail in less than48 or 72 hours if I am not mistaken. This was first ever interview for El-Rayan in TV after 23 years in jail and may be it is his first ever televised interview as I have not read that he made an interview to any channel before his arrest.

It was not recorded live or in studio but rather in El-Rayan's house or flat at the time of breakfast too !! You can watch the interview below

El-Rayan Interview

After watching the interview I can say that Ahmed El-Rayan is very smart to the level that I can't make up my mind about him whether he was truly a crazy entrepreneur or an A Class Ponzi schemer still I know that he is not Al Sharif.

We should agree on something here the depositors and investors in EL-Rayan were greedy and this was why they paid a huge price , it is not the mistake of El-Rayan that they were greedy.

P.S Did not Adib reveal last Ramadan that he will leave TV altogether this year !!?? It has been a year and he seems not leaving the scene !!


  1. شكرا يا زينب على البوست ده...

    أنا لفترة طويلة ماكانش بيتقدملي الريان غير من خلال وسائل الاعلام واستغربت لما كنت باقرا تعليقات الناس على اخبار خروجه ان ناس كتير بتحبه وشايفة ان اللي حصل ضده مؤامرة... اللي كنت باقوله في نفسي "هو للدرجة دي ممكن الناس تتعمي عن انها تشوف الحرامي حرامي لمجرد انه بدقن وبيعمل حاجات "اسلامية" ؟"...

    وعشان كده أول ماشفت البوست ده اتفرجت على الحوار كله... وفضلت لحد الجزء التالت عندي سؤال معلق عن "ايه اللي خلى كل اللي ماشي سليم كده يقع" " لحد ما عمرو أديب اخيراً سألها...

    هانقول ايه.. كل يوم بيتأكدلنا ان حاميها حراميها

  2. Can Satan appear to people as an appealing, kind and innocent personality with the intent to capitalize on people's weaknesses?

    1. absolutely sure.. u r this satan ..FU


  4. before you change people life you have to change their mind

  5. el rayan est une victime D-une machination d-un regime beraucrate et du loby juif car avec un tel capital soutenue par le monde arabe devient une vrai menace pour ces 2 premiers


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